Health Education M.S.

(30 credits, with or without thesis)

This program is offered as a teaching track and a non-teaching track. The teaching track is designed for individuals with an initial teaching certificate in health education. Successful completion of the program in the teaching track enables students to become eligible for New York State professional teaching certificate, and a master's degree in health education. The GRE exam is required.

The non-teaching track is designed for students who wish to pursue careers in community or public health, health sciences, or any other allied health field. The focus of this track is to prepare individuals to work in community-based programs. Successful completion of the program in the non-teaching track enables students to become eligible for a master's degree in health education. The GRE exam is not required.

Degree Requirements

Professional Core Courses
HPEG 61400Research Methods in Health and Physical Education3
ESSG 61000Survey of Statistical Methods3
HPEG 52500Critical Perspectives in Health and Physical Activity3
Health Education Courses
HPEG 57700Teaching and Learning for Healthy Growth and Development3
HPEG 57500Models and Theories in Health Education3
HPEG 53500Methods of Assessment in School and Community Settings3
HPEG 58500Epidemiological Approaches to Disease Prevention and Control3
Selected Seminars
Select 3 credits 13
Select the Thesis or Non-Thesis Option6
Thesis Option: 2
Thesis I
Thesis II
Non-Thesis Option: 2
Select 6 credits from the following:
Supervision in Physical Education
Analysis of Teaching and Coaching Behavior
Stress Management
Strategies for Teaching
Curriculum Design and Analysis in Physical Education
Physiological Basis of Fitness in School-Aged Children
Multicultural Health Issues
Environmental Dimensions in Health Education
Technological Applications in Education
Independent Readings
Independent Research
Total Credits30

The DASA workshop EDUC 19240 applies to teacher education candidates only.

With the approval of the chair, electives can be taken from graduate courses that are offered in any department or through the Ithaca College exchange program at Cornell University.