Performance M.M.

Each applicant must demonstrate a level of proficiency equivalent to that required for completion of the bachelor of music degree in performance at Ithaca College.

Degree Requirements

Required Courses
MUMC 61100Recital1-3
MUMC 61200Lecture-Recital 11
MUTH 65200Bibliography and Research in Music3
PFMJ 6xxx0Performance (major instrument)6
Select one of the following: 22
PFMJ 6xxxx
Performance (minor instrument)
MUEN 6xxxx
MUxx xxxxxElectives in music theory, music history and literature, music education, applied music, or ensemble, including at least 7 credits of coursework outside performance study or ensembles 316
Total Credits30

One recital (2 credits) and one lecture-recital (1 credit) are required. The option to substitute a second performance recital in place of a lecture-recital will be decided by the performance studies major teacher in consultation with the student and the graduate chair in music.


Minor instrument or ensemble - relative to candidate’s major and professional needs


For piano majors only: electives must total 14 credits (credits for MUMC 58500 and MUMC 58600 are deducted from total elective requirement)

Collaborative Piano majors will take 6 credits of PFMJ 64700 and two credits of PFMJ 64701. The latter will substitute for MUMC 61100. The secondary instrument credits must be covered by PFMJ 60300. Additionally, Collaborative Piano majors must take 4 credits of MUMC 65000 and one credit of MUEN 62205. Thus, total required credits for Collaborative Piano majors will be 19, leaving 11 elective credits, 7 of which must come from outside PFMJ or MUEN courses.