Advanced Placement Policy

AP/IB/CLEP Policy for the ICC

This policy does not apply to transfer students, defined institutionally as those students who have completed at least 9 semester hours (or equivalent) of college course work after high school graduation and before matriculation at Ithaca College.

Students may apply credits earned at other institutions or granted on the basis of AP/IB/CLEP scores to fulfillment of the following Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC) components: First Year Composition, Quantitative Literacy, Diversity, and Writing Intensive. Such credits may also apply to the 12 Complementary Liberal Arts credits depending on school and department requirements. The degree to which such credits could apply to a specific ICC requirement is dependent on a match between the Ithaca College courses meeting the requirement and the credit granted for courses completed elsewhere and on program-specific requirements for the 12 Complementary Liberal Arts credits.

Students may not apply credits earned at other institutions or granted on the basis of AP/IB/CLEP score or any other standardized examination program from which Ithaca College awards credit toward fulfillment of the Themes and Perspectives or ICC Capstone components of the ICC.

Advanced Placement Policy

These policies (see the table of advanced placement equivalents) are in effect for students entering Ithaca College in the 2016-2017 academic year. They are subject to change at any time.

For additional information about Ithaca College’s advanced placement policies, contact the Office of the Registrar, Peggy Ryan Williams Center, phone 607-274-3127. Ithaca College’s ETS school code is 2325. Scores must be sent directly to the Office of the Registrar, Peggy Ryan Williams Center, Ithaca, NY 14850-7013, before credit is granted.

Advanced Placement (AP) Equivalents

In all schools, scores of 1 or 2 (and in some cases 3) will not be awarded credit. Scores of 3, 4, and 5 are awarded credit as indicated below.

AP Exam Score IC Course Equivalent Credit
Art History3, 4, 5ARTH 188883
Biology3, 4, 5BIOL 11500 and BIOL 188886
Calculus AB3, 4, 5MATH 111004
Calculus BC3, 4, 5MATH 111004
MATH 112004
Calculus BC31, 2MATH 111004
Chemistry4, 5CHEM 1888813
Chinese Language & Culture3, 4, 5CHIN-188886
Computer Science Principles3,4,5COMP 188883
Computer Science A3COMP 188883
4, 5COMP 171004
English Literature/Composition 54, 5WRTG 10600 and ENGL 188886
English Language/Composition 54, 5WRTG 10600 and ENGL 188886
Environmental Science4, 5ENVS 110003
European History4, 5HIST 1020023
HIST 188883
French Language & Culture3FREN 201003
4FREN 202003
5FREN 388883
German Language & Culture3GERM 201003
4GERM 202003
5GERM 388883
Government and Politics: Comparative3, 4, 5POLT 188883
Government and Politics: U.S.3, 4, 5POLT 188883
Human Geography4, 5 ENVS 188883
Italian Language & Culture3ITAL 201003
4ITAL 202003
5ITAL 388883
Japanese Language and Culture3, 4, 5TRAN 388886
Latin3, 4, 5LATN 101003
LATN 102003
Macroeconomics4, 5ECON 121003
Microeconomics4, 5ECON 122003
Music Theory4, 5MUTH 188882
Physics 1: Algebra Based3PHYS 188884
4, 5PHYS 101004
Physics 2: Algebra Based3PHYS 188884
4, 5PHYS 102004
Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism3PHYS 188884
4, 5PHYS 118004
Physics C: Mechanics3PHYS 188884
4, 5PHYS 117004
Psychology4, 5PSYC 103003
Spanish Language & Culture3SPAN 201003
4SPAN 202003
5SPAN 388883
Spanish Literature & Culture4SPAN 388883
5SPAN 322003
Statistics3, 4, 5MATH 144004
Studio Art: 2D Design3ART 188886
4, 5ART 12000 and ART 188886
Studio Art: 3D Design3ART 188886
4, 5ART 12100 and ART 188886
Studio Art: Drawing3ART 188886
4, 5ART 13000 and ART 188886
U.S. History4, 5HIST 111003
HIST 1120043
World History4, 5HIST 181003
HIST 182003

 Students can recieve course-specific credit for CHEM 12100, provided they earn a C or better on a department exam. Otherwise, the students should plan on enrolling in CHEM 12300.


 But not HIST 10100.


 Combined with an AB subscore of 3, 4, or 5 only.


 The credit for this exam does not include the DV (Diversity) designation.


 Students may not receive credit for both the English Literature/Composition and English Language/Composition exams.