CLEP Policy

Ithaca College, at the discretion of the student’s dean or program director, accepts credit from the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Credit is awarded for both general and subject examinations as outlined in the table below. Test results should be sent directly to the Office of the Registrar. A limited number of CLEP credits may be applied toward general education requirements; see “Advanced Placement Policy.” (p. 350) For additional information about Ithaca College’s CLEP policy, please contact the Office of the Registrar, Peggy Ryan Williams Center, 607-274-3127.

CLEP Examination Evaluations

CLEP Exam Min. IC Course Equivalent Credits
General Examinations
College Composition150WRTG 188883
Humanities50ENGL 18888 and TRAN 188886
College Mathematics50MATH 188883
Natural Science50TRAN 188886
Social Science and History50HIST 28888 and TRAN 188886
Subject Examinations
American Government50POLT 188883
US History I50HIST 111003
US History II50HIST 112003
American Literature50ENGL 105003
ENGL 188883
Analysis/Interpretation of Literature150ENGL 107003
ENGL 188883
Calculus50MATH 111004
MATH 112004
Pre Calculus50MATH 110003
College Algebra50MATH 188882
French Language50FREN 101003
FREN 102003
French Language62FREN 101003
FREN 102003
FREN 201003
FREN 202003
German Language50GERM 101003
GERM 102003
German Language63GERM 101003
GERM 102003
GERM 201003
GERM 202003
Spanish Language50SPAN 101003
SPAN 102003
Spanish Language63SPAN 101003
SPAN 102003
SPAN 201003
SPAN 202003
Intro to Educational Psychology50EDUC 210103
English Literature150ENGL 107003
ENGL 188883
College Composition Modular50WRTG 188883
Biology50BIOL 115003
BIOL 188883
Chemistry50CHEM 188883
Human Growth/Development50PSYC 288883
Information Systems50COMP 110003
Intro. to Business Law50GBUS 203003
Into. to Sociology50SOCI 101003
Financial Accounting50ACCT 225003
Principles of Macroeconomics50ECON 121003
Principles of Microeconomics50ECON 122003
Principles of Management50MGMT 288883
Principles of Marketing50MKTG 288883
Introductory Psychology50PSYC 103003
Western Civilization I50HIST 101003
Western Civilization II50HIST 102003

 Students may recieve credit for only one of either English composition or freshman college composition and only one of either analysis/interpretation of literature or English literature.