Languages (LNGS)

LNGS 11100 Cross-Cultural Journeys through Cinema (LA)

Team-taught lecture course that examines cinematic representations of changing notions of cultural, national, and individual identity. Topics will include the impact of war and fascism on national identity; changing notions of the family structure and gender roles; generational conflict and cultural identity, class, race, and religion. Students will investigate these topics both within and across various national cultures. (S,Y)
Attributes: 3B, G, HU
3 Credits

LNGS 19402 Introduction to the Art of Translation (LA)

Introduction to the world of translation from a theoretical and practical perspective. Texts will include translators' prefaces and notes, subtitling, and literary translations, focusing on issues of translatability, fidelity, purpose and ethics. This course is intended for students with basic reading proficiency in a language other than English. Students cannot receive credit for both LNGS 19402 and LNGS 25000. (IRR)
Attributes: HM, HU, TIII, TWOS
3 Credits

LNGS 23200 Introduction to Linguistics (LA)

An introduction to the fundamental areas and concepts of modern linguistics. Study of sounds and sound patterns, word and sentence structure, and language change. Other topics may include semantics, language acquisition, dialects, and pidgin and creole languages. Prerequisites: One course in the humanities or social sciences. Open to all students. Students may not earn credit for both LNGS 23200 and LNGS 23300. 3 Credits. (F-S,Y)
Attributes: 3A, HM, SS, TIDE, TWOS
3 Credits

LNGS 24200 Core Explorations of Language: Systems-Internal (LA)

Building on introductory linguistic concepts, focuses on system-internal topics in linguistics, including: phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and language acquisition. Prerequisite: LNGS 23200. (F,Y)
3 Credits

LNGS 24300 Core Explorations of Language: System-External (LA)

Building on introductory linguistic concepts, focuses on system-external topics in linguistics, including: sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, computational linguistics, and systems of writing. Prerequisite: LNGS 23200. (S,Y)
3 Credits

LNGS 25000 Translation: The Art of Disguise (LA)

Examines the role of translation within the broader context of comparative literature. Drawing from representative texts spanning across centuries, students will discuss concepts of interpretation, faithfulness, loss and gain, negotiation, colonization, cannibalization and ethics. Explores the figure of the translator, both in theoretical and literary works, and approaches the field of translation from the perspective of practicing translators and translated authors. Basic reading proficiency in a language other than English is necessary. Cross-listed with ENGL 25000; students may not receive credit for both LNGS 25000 and ENGL 25000. Prerequisites: WRTG 10600 or ICSM 108xx or ICSM 118xx and Sophomore standing. Students cannot receive credit for both LNGS 19402 and LNGS 25000. (IRR)
Attributes: 1, 3A, G, HM, HU, TIII, TWOS, WI
3 Credits

LNGS 34000-34009 Selected Topics in Linguistics (LA)

Investigation of selected topics in the field of linguistics. Prerequisite: LNGS 23200 with a grade of C- or better. (IRR)
3 Credits

LNGS 49800 Senior Project in Translation (LA)

Individual research, analysis and translation of a literary or non-literary text (or selection of texts), supervised by a faculty mentor in the MLL department Culmination of the Translation Minor, and restricted to Translation minors. Course can be repeated once for up to six credits if completed in different languages. Prerequisites: Senior standing; LNGS 19402 or LNGS 25000; LNGS 23200; FREN 35500, GERM 35500, ITAL 35500 or SPAN 35500; permission of instructor. (IRR)
3 Credits