Film, Photography, and Visual Arts Major — B.F.A.

Elisabeth Nonas, Associate Professor and Program Director

The bachelor of fine arts (B.F.A.) program in film, photography, and visual arts (120 credit hours) emphasizes an interdisciplinary focus in a production-intensive communications and fine arts program. It combines the same course requirements found in the cinema production concentration of the B.S. program with significant additional required coursework in still photography and required supplemental courses in video production, studio art, and art history. The B.F.A. program is more tightly structured than the B.S. program, with fewer open electives. Planning for off-campus semesters (in London, Los Angeles, New York City, or elsewhere) must be done carefully.

Entering majors must have their own light meters and digital SLR cameras. In addition, students must pay for laboratory services and purchase materials such as photographic film and paper, mounting board, motion picture film, videotapes, and digital storage media. Because of the large number of required production courses, B.F.A. applicants should be aware that they will incur additional expenses for supplies.

Academic Policies

All majors must complete a minimum of 48 credits outside communications, and a minimum of 25 percent of their credits (normally 30 credits) in courses designated as liberal arts.


Major Requirements55-56
Additional Requirements:12
Art History (9)
Directed Elective (3)
Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC) Requirements 129
Other Course Electives23-24
Total Credits120

 Total Credits must include 30 liberal arts credits and 48 credits outside the Park School


 see ICC requirements for Park School

Degree Requirements

Major Requirements
GCOM 13000Spark: Igniting your Future in Communications1
CNPH 10100Introduction to Film Aesthetics and Analysis (ICC-CLA)3
CNPH 11100Cinema Production 14
MASS 13400Writing for Screen Media3
CNPH 14100Introduction to Photography (ICC-CLA)4
CNPH 22400Cinema Production 24
CNPH 24000History of Photography (ICC-CLA)3
CNPH 24200Intermediate Photography4
CNPH 44000Contemporary Photographic Issues (ICC-CLA)3
Select one of the following:3-4
CNPH 21001-21099
Special Topics in Cinema Production
Hollywood and American Film 1
CNPH 30000Fiction Film Theory (ICC-WI, offered in Los Angeles)3
or CNPH 30100 History and Theory of Documentary
Select three of the following four-credit courses:12
Motion Graphics and Animation
Experimental Media: Production and Criticism
Advanced Audio Production
CNPH 30400-CNPH 30499
Photography: Selected Topics
Advanced Cinema Production: Fiction
Advanced Cinema Production: Nonfiction
Advanced Cinema Production: Experimental
Advanced Cinema Production: Animation
CNPH 33001-CNPH 33099
Selected Topics in Advanced Cinema Production
Select two of the following four-credit courses:8
Senior Media Thesis
Thesis Cinema Production
Photo Workshop
Art History Supplement
ARTH 1xxxxOne level-1 art history course3
Select one of the following options:6
ARTH 2xxxx-3xxxx
Two level-2 or level 3 Art History courses
Photographic Currents
Directed Elective
Select one of the following three-credit courses:3
Two-Dimensional Design
Introduction to Drawing
Introduction to Sculpture
Introduction to Printmaking
Intermediate Drawing
Intermediate Sculpture
Intermediate Printmaking-Silk Screen
Intermediate Printmaking-Lithography
Book Design
Computer Art and Animation
Total Credits67-68

This course fulfills Identities/World of Systems themes and CA/HU perspectives.