Sport Management Major — B.S.

This program is in transition, moving to the School of Business effective Fall 2017.

The sport management major prepares students for a wide range of management positions in the sport industry and/or for graduate study in sport management, business management, or law. A core curriculum in sport management and media provides an understanding and appreciation of all aspects of sport — its historical and cultural development, as well as its sociological, economic, and political dimensions. A core curriculum in management, with specialty courses in sport management, provides knowledge and skill in the areas of organization, finance, law, personnel, and marketing. The application of management principles to the sport enterprise distinguishes this degree program. Students are encouraged to select a minor in their area of interest or related to their career goals. Graduates of this program are well prepared to assume positions in college, professional, and amateur sports offices, event management, marketing firms, sport agencies, international sports offices, and related fields.


General requirements35
Degree specific requirements46-57
Integrative Core Curriculum 125
Complementary Liberal Arts - Required13
Elective credits 23-11
Total Credits120

Please refer to "ICC" tab on our school's main page to see requirements.


60 credits of LA is required to graduate.

Degree Requirements 

Computer Science
COMP 11000Computers and Information Technologies3
Mathematics 1
Select one of the following:4
Fundamentals of Applied Calculus
Calculus for Decision Making
Calculus I
MATH 14400Statistics for Business, Economics and Management 24
Social Sciences
ECON 12100Principles of Macroeconomics 23
ECON 12200Principles of Microeconomics3
Communication Skills
CMST 11000Public Communication3
or CMST 11500 Business & Professional Comm
WRTG 10600
FINA 31100Business Finance3
or SPMM 35200 Financial Aspects of Sport
Sport Management and Media
SPMM 29500Social Aspects of Sport 23
Select 6 credits of the following:6
History of Sport
International Sport Administration
Sport: Philosophical Perspectives
The Evolution of Sport Media
Youth Sport in America
Sport Internet Marketing
Sport in Film and Literature
The Olympic Games
Sport in the Civil Rights Movement
SPMM xxxxx
Sport Management and Media Elective
SPMM 29200Minicourse in Sport Management and Media1-3
SPMM 29300Minicourses in Sport Management and Media1-3
Specific Requirements
SPMM 11000Introduction to Sport Management3
SPMM 11200Contemporary Issues in Sport Management3
SPMM 28500Sport Event and Facility Management3
SPMM 30300Seminar in Sport Law3
SPMM 31500Sport Governance and Policy3
SPMM 32600Sport Marketing3
SPMM 36500Sport Economics 23
SPMM 38500Sport Consumer Behavior and Sales3
SPMM 41500Strategic Management in Sport 33
ACCT 22500Financial Accounting3
ACCT 22600Management Accounting3
MGMT 20600Organizational Behavior and Management3
GBUS 20300Legal Environment of Business I3
Total Credits73-77

Students may be required to complete other mathematics courses prior to enrolling in these courses, depending on their math placement exam scores.


Satisfies Complementary Liberal Arts requirement.


Counts as ICC Capstone.