Anthropology Major — B.A.


Anthropology B.A. Major Requirements40
Integrative Core Curriculum 128-40
Total Credits120

 See Integrative Core Curriculum requirements, with information about the H&S CLA requirement.

Degree Requirements

At least 24 credits must be taken at Ithaca College. No more than 6 credits of field or lab work, research, or internship may count toward the major.  

ANTH 10300Biological Anthropology3
ANTH 10400Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH 10700World Archaeology3
Select one of the following: 14
Ethnographic Field Methods
Archaeological Methods and Techniques
Biological Anthropology Methods and Techniques
ANTH 45000Anthropological Capstone3
Select 24 credits of additional anthropology courses. These credits must satisfy the following minimum requirements:24
One cultural anthropology course at level 2 or higher
One biological anthropology course at level 2 or higher
One archaeology course at level 2 or higher
Two theory courses at level 2 or higher
At least 1 credit of fieldwork selected from the following: 2
Fieldwork and Research in Ethnography: Seminar
Fieldwork and Research in Archaeology: Seminar
Ethnographic Fieldwork/Research
Archaeological Fieldwork/Research
Biological Anthropology Fieldwork/Research
Total Credits40

Acceptance of equivalency for ANTH 30200ANTH 30500, and ANTH 30600 must be obtained prior to enrollment in such courses elsewhere. It is expected that most students choosing ANTH 30200,  ANTH 30500, or ANTH 30600 as their methods requirement will complete the course at Ithaca College. 


 ANTH 37400 may substitute for Fieldwork and Research for students who also take ANTH 30500;  ANTH 37100 may substitute for Fieldwork and Research for students who also take ANTH 30600.