Computer Science Minor


An overall average of C (2.00) is required in computer science/mathematics courses used to fulfill the minimum course requirements for the minor. No course, with the exception of COMP 17100, may be used to satisfy both a computer science minor and any requirements of a mathematics major or minor.

Prerequisite information: A grade of C or better is required for a course in computer science to fulfill a prerequisite for another computer science course.

COMP 11500Discrete Structures for Computer Science4
COMP 17100Principles of Computing Science I4
COMP 17200Principles of Computer Science II4
COMP 22000Introduction to Data Structures4
COMP xxxxxSelect two additional computing courses at level 3 or above 16-8
Total Credits22-24

Students may use only one project course - COMP 270xx, COMP 370xx, COMP 470xx taken for at least 2 credits - to fulfill the electives requirement; COMP 49800 cannot be counted as a computer science elective. Students completing the Web Programming minor and/or the Game Development minor cannot use COMP 32500 or COMP 33000 as electives in the computer science minor, if those courses are used to satisfy requirements of those minors.