Performance, Collaborative Emphasis — B.M.

Because of the specific focus and intensive nature of the degree program in music in performance - collaborative emphasis, it may not be combined with other degrees (such as music education).


Music Requirements94
Integrative Core Curriculum Requirements31-32
Total Credits125

Degree Requirements 

Private Lesson Requirement 1
PFMJ 10300Piano I - Music Majors (4 credits times 2 semesters)8
PFMJ 20300Piano II - Music Majors (4 credits times 2 semesters)8
PFMJ 30300Piano III - Music Majors (4 credits times 2 semesters)8
PFMJ 40300Piano IV - Music Majors (4 credits times 2 semesters)8
PFMJ 19900Performance Repertoire and Pedagogy (.5 credit times 8 semesters)4
MUEN 11700The Pianist as Collaborator1
MUEN 11800The Pianist as Collaborator1
MUEN 21700Accompanying Master Class1
MUEN 21800Accompanying Master Class1
MUEN 31700Piano/Instrumental Duo1
MUEN 31800Piano/Vocal Duo1
MUEN 30300Piano Ensemble1
MUEN 1xxxxChoral Ensemble1
MUEN 32100Chamber Music (.5 credit times 2 semesters)1
Private Accompanying
PFMJ 44700Private Accompanying1
PFMJ 44800Private Accompanying1
MUMC 37300Required Junior Recital1
MUMC 47300Required Senior Recital2
MUMC 47500Required Collaborative Recital (CP)1
Music Theory
MUTH 10100Fundamentals of Music Theory 21
MUTH 12100Introduction to Musical Styles2
MUTH 12200Music Theory I2
or MUTH 12201 Music Theory I -- Honors
MUTH 22100Music Theory II2
or MUTH 22101 Music Theory II -- Honors
MUTH 22200Music Theory III2
or MUTH 22201 Music Theory III -- Honors
MUTH 32100Form and Analysis2
or MUTH 32101 Form and Analysis -- Honors
MUTH 32200Analysis of Music since 19002
or MUTH 32201 Analysis of Music since 1900 - Honors
Aural Skills
MUTH 13300Aural Skills I1.5
or MUTH 13301 Aural Skills I - Honors
MUTH 13400Aural Skills II1.5
or MUTH 13401 Aural Skills II - Honors
MUTH 23300Aural Skills III1
or MUTH 23301 Aural Skills III - Honors
MUTH 23400Aural Skills IV1
or MUTH 23401 Aural Skills IV - Honors
Secondary Instrument
PFSM 17500Keyboard Musicianship I - Keyboard Majors1
PFSM 17600Keyboard Musicianship II - Keyboard Majors1
MUMC 27900Introduction to the Harpsichord1
PFMJ 10702Harpsichord I-Secondary Instrument1
Other Music Requirements
MUMC 16600Career Orientation1
MUMC 10300Introduction to Music Technology1
MUMC 48500Survey of Piano Literature I1
MUMC 48600Survey of Piano Literature II1
MUMC 49300Piano Pedagogy2
MUMC 44700Opera Workshop2
MUMC 16100Diction I2
MUMC 16200Diction II2
xxxxxMusic electives 20-5
MUMC 10100Required Recital Attendance0
Music History
MUTH 25500History and Literature of Music I3
MUTH 25600History and Literature of Music II (WI)3
MUTH 35500History and Literature of Music III3
ICC Theme & Perspective
ICSM 1xxxxIthaca Seminar4
ENGL 11300Introduction to Poetry (HM)3
xxxxxCreative Arts (CA)3
xxxxxNatural Science (SC)3
xxxxxSocial Science (SO)3
WRTG 10600Academic Writing I 43
MATH 10000Mathematics Fundamentals 50-1
Complementary Liberal Arts CLA
xxxxxModern Language (French, German or Italian) 612
Course Attributes
Select 3 credits of each (DV, WI, QL) 79
Capstone Experience
MUMC 47500Required Collaborative Recital (CP) 81
Total Credits125-126

Students entering the School of Music in a non-performance degree program will take 2 credits of private lessons each semester until they are accepted into the performance-collaborative emphasis program. Students entering the performance-collaborative emphasis program prior to the sophomore year will substitute music electives for any missing private lesson credits from the previous semester.


Students may fulfill the requirement for Fundamentals of Music Theory by scoring 84 percent or higher on a placement exam administered by the Department of Music Theory, History, and Composition. Students who score below 84 percent on the exam must take the course, and they take the lower number of music electives.


The 31-32 credits listed in this group must be taken outside the School of Music. For more information see Liberal Arts under the School of Music Overview tab.


Students may earn credit for WRTG 10600 by scoring a 4 or 5 on the AP English Literature exam or AP English Language and Composition exam or by choosing ICSM 10800. Student choosing the ICSM option must add 3 credits of LA electives. (For more on Ithaca College’s AP policy, see Advanced Placement Policy.)


Students scoring a pass on the QL readiness exam will satisfy this requirement. Students who do not achieve a passing score will have to take the 1 credit math course MATH 10000 and earn a final grade of C- or higher.


6 credits each for two of the following: French, German, or Italian. If equivalent proficiency can be demonstrated in one of these languages, then the remaining two should be studied.


The DV, WI and QL attribute requirements of the Integrative Core Curriculum may be fulfilled through any appropriately designated courses, including those given in the School of Music.


MUMC 47500 will fulfill the capstone requirement and will serve to synthesize aspects of the Integrative Core Curriculum with the student’s School of Music degree requirements.