Academic Catalog

Culture and Communication (CLTC)

CLTC 10000 Introduction to Culture and Communication (LA)

Introduction to the interdependent relationship between symbols, rituals, artifacts, and patterns of thought of cultural groups and the communication practices of those groups. Core concepts are demonstrated through an illustrative case focused on a social issue, problem, or other phenomenon. Students are also introduced to resources and basic skills that enhance study in the liberals arts. Not open to seniors except by permission of instructor. (F,S)
Attributes: DV, LMSP, LSCO
3 Credits

CLTC 23001 Special Topics in Media Literacy (LA)

Using the principles and practice of media literacy, this course will examine how media messages are constructed and how they affect our individual and collective understanding of specific topics. Students will develop critical decoding skills through analysis of current and historical media documents. A wide range of media forms will be explored, including digital, audio, audiovisual, and print-based media. Each year the seminar will focus on a different topic reflecting current issues and media literacy curricula developed at the College (e.g., environmental issues, social justice, peace and war). In presidential election years, the topic will be media construction of presidential campaigns. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing. Can be repeated for up tosix credits when topics vary. (F, Y)
Attributes: HU
3 Credits

CLTC 48000 Senior Seminar in Culture and Communication (LA)

In this capstone course each student will undertake a major scholarly research project involving a topic related to her or his designated area of inquiry. Drawing on the skills and knowledge developed through previous coursework, and with the mentoring of the seminar instructor, each student will execute a suitable research design and present the results both in writing and orally in a public forum. Prerequisites: Senior standing in culture and communication major; TVR 26200, CNPH 30000 or CNPH 30100. (S)
Attributes: CP
3 Credits

CLTC 49000 Internship: Culture and Communication (NLA)

The internship provides a structured intensive learning experience in an organization dedicated to research, planning, policymaking, or service provision in an area related to culture and communication. Supervision is provided by an on-site professional preceptor. Students are required to submit periodic written field reports, as well as a final internship experience report. Prerequisites: Junior standing or above and permission of instructor. 1 to (F-S, Y)
1-6 Credits

CLTC 49900 Independent Study: Culture and Communication (LA)

Intensive study of the theoretical and empirical relationships between culture and communication. These projects will be conducted under the supervision of a faculty adviser and will require a comprehensive research paper and/or project. A proposal for the topic and specific plans must be approved by the dean's office of the Division of Interdisciplinary and International Studies. Prerequisites: Junior standing or above and permission of instructor. 1 to (F-S,Y)
1-4 Credits