Academic Catalog

Health Center

The Hammond Health Center serves the individual and collective health care needs of the Ithaca College community by providing comprehensive primary care medical services for students, including preventive health and urgent care.  In addition, the health center responds to the public health needs of the campus community and provides both individual and community education.  Committed to providing students with excellent and highly accessible clinical services in an inviting, respectful, and confidential environment, the center strives to promote healthy life choices, to educate students about their illnesses, promote consumer competency, and to dialogue and partner with students in providing their medical care.

The Hammond Health Center adheres to the general principles and standards of ethical conduct endorsed by the American College Health Association:

  • to do no harm, provide service in a caring manner;
  • respect autonomy, protect privacy;
  • maintain competence, promote justice; and
  • respect diversity.

The Ithaca College student health service is fully accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care.

To learn more about open hours, contact information, and student insurance, please review the Hammond Health Center website.