Academic Catalog

Communication Management and Design Major — B.S.

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This B.S. degree requires 60 liberal arts credits out of the 120 credits required for graduation.

The bachelor of science (B.S.) program in communications management and design has two concentrations: corporate communication, and communication design. Students typically declare their concentration prior to the third year.

Requirements for the Major


Major Core Requirements56-57
Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC) Requirements and Other Electives 164-63
Total Credits120

Degree Requirements

Core Requirements
GCOM 13000Spark: Igniting your Future in Communications1
STCM 10300Introduction to Strategic Communication3
STCM 10800Communication in Organizations3
STCM 11100Presentation & Graphic Design3
STCM 12300Systemic Design3
STCM 20200Career Pursuit1
STCM 21000Instructional Design3
STCM 21100Corporate Communication: Strategy and Design3
STCM 28800Research and Statistics for Strategic Communication (ICC- QL)3
STCM 43400Communication Management Lab3
STCM 45000Critical Issues3
Supplemental Requirements
WRTG 10600Academic Writing I (fulfills ICC requirement for same course) 13
MGMT 11100Introduction to Business3
WRTG 21100Writing for the Workplace3
Additional Requirements for Concentrations
Select one concentration from the list below 218-19
Total Credits56-57


Corporate Communication Concentration

Students learn to influence communication in organizations by creating crisis communication plans, corporate events, and strategies for managing relationships with the media, government agencies, and stakeholders. Courses cover internal communications, communicating corporate social responsibility, community relations, event planning, and leadership.

Select three of the following 3-credit courses:9
Meeting and Event Management
Public Relations
Crisis Communication
Organizational Speech Writing and Interviewing
Communicating with Stakeholders
Applied Event Management
Public Relations Lab
Select two of the following 3-credit courses:6
Virtual Teams
Organizational Culture and Conflict
Leadership Communication
Internship 1
Select one of the following 3-credit courses:3
Web Design
Interactive Media
Promotional and Instructional Video
Total Credits18

Communication Design Concentration

Students learn to use their creativity purposefully. Students learn to utilize the right information with the right visuals to inspire, persuade, and inform. Courses cover graphic design, web design, interaction design, social media design, instructional design, and information design.

STCM 20600Web Design3
STCM 22000Interactive Media3
STCM 40400Communication Design Lab3
Select two of the following 3- to 4-credit courses:6-7
Introduction to Photography
Virtual Teams
Experience Design
Promotional and Instructional Video
Social Media Strategy
Games for Marketing & Training
Internship 1
Select one of the following 3-credit courses:3
Advanced Web Design
Information Design
Total Credits18-19