Academic Catalog

Integrated Marketing Communications Major — B.S.

Scott R. Hamula, Associate Professor, Program Director and Department Chair

The integrated marketing communications program is built on the merging of specific coursework from the Roy H. Park School of Communications strategic communication department and the School of Business. This degree teaches students about the newly converged fields of advertising, public relations, brand activation, and marketing. Students learn how these specialized areas are combined into seamless communications programs that promote and build brands, businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and governmental agencies. 

Academic Policies

Students with junior or senior ranking who are accepted into the integrated marketing communications degree program may not be able to meet all degree requirements without studying for an extra semester or two. All majors must complete a minimum of 60 credits outside communications, which includes the distribution requirements, and a minimum of 50 percent of their credits (normally 60 credits) in courses designated as liberal arts.

Advising Note

Students with a double major in integrated marketing communications and business who are interested in applying to the master of business administration program should contact the dean’s office in the School of Business for information on a curriculum bridge of five business courses that can be taken during the summer following graduation, before entrance into the M.B.A. program in the fall.

Requirements for the Major


Communications course requirements37-41
Business course requirements21-24
Other course requirement3
Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC) Requirements 126-29
Other Course Electives26-30
Total Credits120

Degree Requirements

Communications Course Requirements
GCOM 13000Spark: Igniting your Future in Communications1
STCM 10300Introduction to Strategic Communication 13
STCM 11100Presentation & Graphic Design3
TVR 12100Introduction to Mass Media 13
STCM 23200Public Relations 13
STCM 24100Advertising 13
STCM 30900Media Planning3
TVR 31200Government and Media (ICC-CLA, offered in Los Angeles) 13
STCM 33000Advertising Copywriting and Art Direction3
STCM 33200Writing for Public Relations (ICC-WI, offered in Los Angeles) 13
Select one of the following:3-4
Research and Statistics for Strategic Communication (ICC-CLA & QL)
Statistics in Psychology (ICC-CLA & QL)
Select one of the following:3
Communication in Organizations (ICC-CLA)
Business and Professional Communication (ICC-CLA)
Select one of the following:3
Integrated Marketing Communications Lab
Public Relations Lab
Ad Lab
Brand Design and Communication
Communication Management Lab
Business Course Requirements
GBUS 20300Legal Environment of Business I3
ACCT 22400Reporting and Decision Making in Integrated Marketing Communication3
MKTG 31200Principles of Marketing3
MKTG 32300Consumer Behavior3
MKTG 32500Sales and Sales Promotion3
MKTG 49100Digital Marketing3
Select one of the following:3
International Marketing
Global, Intercultural, and Multicultural Public Relations
Select one of the following:3
Marketing Analytics
ST: Marketing
Other Course Requirement
ECON 12200Principles of Microeconomics 13
Total Credits64-65