Academic Catalog

Coaching Minor

Open to students majoring in all disciplines except physical education and health education and physical education. This minor is designed to prepare students to coach one or two specific sports.


PHED xxxxxCoaching Seminar 12
PHED 25500Philosophy and Principles of Coaching3
PHED 25600Health Sciences Applied to Coaching3
PHED 34900Fieldwork in Physical Education 11-6
HLTH 12200Emergency Health Care1
PHED 21200Motor Skills Development3
SPST 29500Social Aspects of Sport3
or EXSS 20200 Sport and Exercise Psychology
Select 3 credits of the following:3
Fieldwork in Physical Education
PHED xxxxx
Coaching Seminar 2
Organization and Administration of Physical Education
Human Nutrition
Wellness: Multicultural Perspectives on Health and Healing
Emergency Health Care Instructor
Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
Social Aspects of Sport
Sport: Philosophical Perspectives
Youth Sport in America
History of Sport
Total Credits19-24