Academic Catalog

Health Policy and Management Minor

This minor provides students with an understanding of the complexity and requirements of institutions, policies, and management issues in health care and the skills necessary to pursue a broad range of health-related management and/or policy opportunities in the for-profit, nonprofit, and governmental sectors. This minor is appropriate for students pursuing careers in the health care field, especially students majoring in allied health fields, business, gerontology, or the social sciences. The minor is not open to students in health care management.


HLTH 20500Critical Health Issues3
HLTH 32600Health Planning and Administration3
or HLTH 32500 Health Care Payment Systems: Insurance, Financing & Strategy
Select one of the following:3
GBUS xxxxx
Any GBUS course
MGMT xxxxx
Any MGMT course
GERO 10100Introduction to Aging Studies3
Select at least 6 credits of the following:6
War, Hunger, and Genocide: An International Health Perspective
Cyborgs, Clones, and Policy: New Technologies in Health and Medicine
Consumer Health
Economics of Health Care
Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Policy
Front Page Public Health: Policy and Epidemiology
POLT 1xxxx
Politics Elective
Total Credits18