Academic Catalog

Health Sciences Major — B.S.

The health sciences degree program is designed to prepare students for graduate study in a variety of health professions. The major combines knowledge from several disciplines related to health and disease. The health core focuses on scientific facts and principles pertinent to personal and community health. The integration of courses from the behavioral sciences helps students understand the psychological and sociological determinants of health. Courses in the natural sciences provide a strong foundation for future health professionals. A practicum provides real-world experiences linking education to service.

Health professionals must respect individual differences, communicate effectively, use analytic and computer skills, work collaboratively, and be sensitive to ethical issues. Coursework in this major provides students with these skills, and electives afford students the opportunity to direct their studies toward specific careers. Thus, this program provides excellent preprofessional preparation for students planning graduate study to become public health specialists, administrators, researchers, policy analysts, dietitians, nurses, chiropractors, occupational or physical therapists, physicians, physician assistants, or health care practitioners in related fields.

Special Academic Status Policy for Health Sciences Majors

Students will not be allowed to enroll in the professional practicum (HLTH 34900HLTH 44900, or HLTH 45300) until they have presented a current American Red Cross CPR and first aid card to the internship coordinator.

Health Sciences Emphasis Programs

Students in health sciences are required to declare one of the following three emphasis programs.

  1. The premedical emphasis is driven by the curricular needs of students pursuing premedical graduate education and future clinical health preparation.
  2. The food and nutrition emphasis is suited to students pursuing graduate education in dietetics or other nutrition-related professions.
  3. The planned clinical emphasis is for students who wish to pursue post-baccalaureate education in fields such as nursing, chiropractic, physician assistant, veterinary, dentistry, and other careers.


Health Sciences Degree Requirements69-70
Emphasis (premed, food and nutrition, or planned clinical)15
Integrative Core Curriculum 119-20
Free electives15-17
Total Credits120

Note that Chemistry requires a group 3 math placement score and Physics requires a group 1*, 1, or 2 math placement score. 

Degree Requirements

Health Sciences Degree Requirements
Ethics Course (choose 1)
PHIL 21200Introduction to Ethics3
or PHIL 23000 Bioethics
Health Courses
HLTH 11700Foundations of Public Health3
HLTH 20200Human Nutrition3
HLTH 20500Critical Health Issues (ICC - DV, CLA)3
HLTH 21700Epidemiological Approaches to Disease Prevention and Control3
HLTH 22900Disease and Lifestyle3
Select 6 credits of the following:6
HLTH 349xx
Fieldwork in Health
HLTH 449xx
Internship in Health
HLTH 453xx
Supervised Research (limit 3 credits)
HLTH 31600Health Research and Analysis (ICC - QL, CLA)3
HLTH 33510Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Policy (ICC - WI, CLA)3
HLTH 44400Leadership and Health Promotion (ICC - Capstone, CLA)3
Math Courses
Select one of the following:
MATH 10800Applied Calculus4
or MATH 11100 Calculus I
Select one of the following:
MATH 14400Statistics for Business, Economics and Management3-4
or MATH 14500 Statistics for the Health, Life, and Social Sciences
or MATH 15500 Basic Statistical Reasoning
or MATH 21600 Statistical Analysis
Psychology Course (choose 1)
PSYC 10300General Psychology3
or PSYC 10400 Introduction to Developmental Psychology
Science Courses
BIOL 11900Fundamentals of Biology: Cells and Bodies4
BIOL 12000Fundamentals of Biology: Ecology and Evolution4
CHEM 12100Principles of Chemistry3
CHEM 12200Principles of Chemistry Laboratory1
CHEM 22100Organic Chemistry I3
CHEM 22200Organic Chemistry II3
EXSS 12000Anatomy and Physiology I4
EXSS 12100Anatomy and Physiology II4
Total Credits69-70

Additional Requirements for Emphases

Select one emphasis from the three options below.

Premed Emphasis

CHEM 12400Experimental Chemistry I2
CHEM 22500Experimental Chemistry II2
CHEM 23200Quantitative Chemistry3
Select one of the following:8
Introduction to Physics I
and Introduction to Physics II
Principles of Physics I: Mechanics
and Principles of Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism 1
Total Credits15

Food and Nutrition Emphasis

HLTH 20100Food and Society3
HLTH 30100Lifecycle Nutrition3
HLTH 30500Community Nutrition: Global Perspectives3
HLTH 30600Counseling for the Health Professions3
HLTH 40300Nutritional Care and Therapeutics3
Total Credits15

Planned Clinical Emphasis

For students who wish to pursue post-baccalaureate education in fields other than medical school or food and nutrition, such as nursing, chiropractic, physician assistant, veterinary, dentistry, optometry, and other careers.  Planned course of study with stated goal; approved by advisor and chair.                    Total Credits   15