Academic Catalog

Public and Community Health Major — B.S.

The public and community health degree is designed to prepare students to use scientific research, program planning, policy analysis, and education to change the conditions and the systems that affect the health of people. The program in public and community health provides students with the information and analytical skills necessary to collect and analyze health data, to identify and plan for community health needs, to implement and evaluate health programs that encourage healthy lifestyles, and to advocate for better health policy. The public and community health curriculum engages students in thinking critically about creative solutions to public health problems and recognizing that health is related to many issues, including genetics, personal choices and behaviors, and the environment. Public and community health professionals work in health care agencies, public health departments, public interest groups, and research organizations that have an interest in health.

Students in public and community health customize their degree experience by choosing the emphasis that suits their career interests:

  • The restricted health elective emphasis is for students desiring more depth and breadth in the area of health.
  • The PIC (planned interdisciplinary combination) in health is for students who want to study a specific or unique niche in the public health sphere, such as women’s health, incarcerated population health, and public health nursing.


General requirements9-10
Public and community health core34
Emphasis (restricted health or PIC)18
Integrative Core Curriculum 119-20
Complementary Core Curriculum (Health promotion core)12
Free and restricted electives26-28
Total Credits120

Degree Requirements 

MATH 14400Statistics for Business, Economics and Management3-4
or MATH 14500 Statistics for the Health, Life, and Social Sciences
or MATH 15500 Basic Statistical Reasoning
or MATH 21600 Statistical Analysis
PHIL 21200Introduction to Ethics3
or PHIL 23000 Bioethics
PSYC 10300General Psychology3
or PSYC 10400 Introduction to Developmental Psychology
BIOL 11900Fundamentals of Biology I: Cells and Bodies4
HLTH 11700Foundations of Public Health3
HLTH 21700Epidemiological Approaches to Disease Prevention and Control3
HLTH 22900Disease and Lifestyle3
HLTH 25000Global Health3
HLTH 31700Community Health3
HLTH 33300Development and Evaluation of Health Programs3
HLTH 41700Front Page Public Health: Policy and Epidemiology3
HLTH 48700Multicultural Issues in Health3
Select 6 credits of the following:6
HLTH 349xx
Fieldwork in Health
HLTH 449xx
Internship in Health
HLTH 453xx
Supervised Research (limit 3 credits)
HLTH 20500Critical Health Issues 13
HLTH 31600Health Research and Analysis 23
HLTH 33510Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Policy 33
HLTH 44400Leadership and Health Promotion 43
Total Credits55-56


Select one emphasis from the options below.

Planned Interdisciplinary Combination (PIC) in Health - Emphasis

HLTH xxxxxHealth electives9
Electives outside department9
Total Credits18

Restricted Health Electives - Emphasis

Select 18 credits (no more than 9 credits from 1xxxx or 2xxxx levels) from the posted list.                                               Total Credits     18