Academic Catalog

Anthropology Major — B.A.


Anthropology B.A. Major Requirements40
Integrative Core Curriculum 128-40
Total Credits120

Degree Requirements

At least 24 credits must be taken at Ithaca College. No more than 6 credits of field or lab work, research, or internship may count toward the major.  

ANTH 10300Biological Anthropology3
ANTH 10400Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH 10700World Archaeology3
Methods - Select one of the following: 14
Ethnographic Field Methods
Archaeological Methods and Techniques
Biological Anthropology Methods and Techniques
Fieldwork/Research - Select at least one credit from the following: 21
Fieldwork and Research in Ethnography: Seminar
Fieldwork and Research in Archaeology: Seminar
Ethnographic Fieldwork/Research
Archaeological Fieldwork/Research
Biological Anthropology Fieldwork/Research
ANTH 45000Anthropological Capstone3
Select 23 credits of additional anthropology courses. These credits must satisfy the following minimum requirements:23
One archaeology course (designated AN1) at level 2 or higher
One biological anthropology course (designated AN2) at level 2 or higher
One cultural anthropology course (designated AN3) at level 2 or higher
Two theory courses (designated AN4) at level 2 or higher 3
Total Credits40