Academic Catalog

Architectural Studies Major — B.A.


Architectural Studies B.A. Major Requirements62
Integrative Core Curriculum 128-40
Total Credits120

 Degree Requirements

Core Courses
ARTH 11300Elements of Architecture3
ARTH 11400Architecture across Cultures3
ARTH 30100Architectural Studio I: Fundamentals of Architectural Design and Drawing4
ARTH 30200Architectural Studio II: Environmental Design and Digital Representation4
ARTH 48000Senior Portfolio: Architecture1
Architectural History
Select two level-2 courses (6 credits) with the attribute Architectural History (ARCH)6
Select two level-3 courses (6 credits) with the attribute Architectural History (ARCH)6
Design Courses
Select 3 credits (one course) from the following 3
Small Builds: Architecture at a Smaller Scale
The Architecture of Patterns: The art and science of patterns
Great Spaces: An Introduction to Urban Design
Senior Experience
Select 3 credits from the following: 13
ARTH 490xx
Seminar in Art History
Tutorial in Art History
Senior Internship
Honors Independent Study
Art History electives
ARTH xxxxxMinimum of two level-1 or level-2 nonarchitecture courses in art history, with at least one at level 26
Required Courses
PHYS 10100Introduction to Physics I4
MATH 10800Applied Calculus4
or MATH 11100 Calculus I
Building Sustainable Societies
Select 6 credits with the attribute Arch-Building Sustainable Society (ABSS) courses from outside the department; at least 3 credits must be at the 200-level or above.6
Required Courses
ART 11000Introduction to Drawing: Seeing the World3
or ART 11100 Introduction to Drawing: Triple Eye
ART 12000Two-Dimensional Design3
Choose one of the following3
Three-Dimensional Design
Sustainability and Innovation in Three-dimensional Design
Graphic Design I
Total Credits62