Academic Catalog

Linguistics Minor

The Linguistics Minor is designed to complement any academic major. The minor combines offerings from several departments, thus providing an interdisciplinary concentration on the science of language, ranging from descriptive and historical linguistics to socio- and psycholinguistics, language acquisition, semantics, computational linguistics, and more. It also encourages at least one semester of study in a modern or ancient language. In other words, linguistics is decidedly not, as is frequently assumed, just "learning lots of languages." This minor, rooted firmly in the humanities and social sciences, is a rewarding addition to majors in a wide variety of academic disciplines.


Core Courses9
Introduction to Linguistics
Language and the Mind
Language and the World
Restricted Electives 19
Introduction to the Art of Translation
Translation: The Art of Disguise
LNGS 340xx
Selected Topics in Linguistics 2
Programming Languages
Communication, Culture, and Rhetoric
Second Language Acquisition: Its Nature and Meaning for Educators
History and Structure of the English Language
Introduction to Logic
Physics of Sound
Grammar and Usage
Style and Syntax
Three credits of foreign language (ARAB, CHIN, FREN, GERM, HEBR, ITAL, LATN, SPAN)
Total Credits18