Academic Catalog

Spanish Major — B.A. with Teaching Option

No additional students are being admitted to this program as of Fall 2021.

This program prepares students for initial New York State certification to teach at the secondary school (7-12) level.


Spanish with Teaching Option B.A. Content Area Requirements39-51
Core Education Requirements39
Integrative Core Curriculum Requirements 117-29
Total Credits120

 Degree Requirements

SPAN 33300Latin American Civilization and Culture3
or SPAN 33500 Spanish Civilization and Culture
SPAN 33700Introduction to Spanish Literature3
SPAN 33800Introduction to Latin American Literature3
SPAN 4xxxxSpanish elective seminar at the 400-level3
SPAN xxxxxAdditional Spanish courses numbered beyond 2030024
LNGS 23200Introduction to Linguistics3
Courses in a second foreign language through level 2, or equivalent proficiency0-12
EDUC 10200Reading Foundations2
EDUC 20200Literacy Across the Disciplines for Middle and Secondary Education2
EDUC 20100Technology for the Middle/Secondary School Teacher2
EDUC 21010Educational Psychology3
EDUC 21800Introduction to Pedagogy and Practice3
EDUC 21910Early Field Experience: Theory and Practice3
EDUC 23900Educating Students with Special Needs in Diverse Classrooms3
EDUC 34000Social and Cultural Foundations of Education3
EDUC 40800Professional Development Seminar0
EDUC 41310Pedagogy and Practice of Teaching Languages Other Than English3
EDUC 41210Seminar in Reflective Practice3
EDUC 49810Professional Semester in Education12
EDUC 19210Child Abuse Identification and Prevention0
EDUC 19220Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Identification and Prevention0
EDUC 19230School Violence Prevention0
EDUC 19240Harassment, Bullying, and Discrimination in Schools: Prevention and Intervention0
Total Credits78-90

Additional Education Requirements

  1. All teaching-option students must successfully complete a writing course numbered WRTG 10600 or above.
  2. Teaching-option candidates must take the ACTFL-OPIc (Oral proficiency Interview via computer, developed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language and administered by Language Testing International) during or before their EDUC 41310 course and obtain a minimum rating of Advanced Low for their oral proficiency in order to proceed into student teaching. Information about this exam is available at Questions about this program requirement can also be directed to the Department of Education.
  3. All teaching-option students must maintain a minimum overall G.P.A of 3.0 as well as a G.P.A. of 3.0 in their subject area coursework.
  4. Students must earn a grade of B or better in all EDUC courses in the Education Core to qualify for student teaching. A grade of B- does not qualify.
  5. EDUC 49810 and EDUC 41210 constitute a full course load during the student-teaching semester. No additional courses may be taken nor can teacher candidates participate in extra-curricular activities that have the potential to affect time for teaching and preparation.
  6. During the semester of student teaching, the student may not play a college sport.
  7. All candidates for initial certification must successfully complete all New York State Certification tests or performance assessments required by the state for the applicant's intended teaching certificate (type, grade levels, and subject areas).
  8. The department chair and the coordinator of teacher education in the subject area must approve any exceptions to the above requirements.
  9. The All-College Teacher Education Unit at Ithaca College requires teacher education students, regardless of program area, to be reviewed at four programmatic transition points during their course of study. Continuation in a teacher education major is contingent upon the student successfully meeting the requirements of each transition point review; therefore, admission into one of the Ithaca College Teacher Education Program majors at admission or upon transfer to the College does not guarantee that a student will be allowed to complete the program required for teaching certification. Further information can be found in the Unit-Wide Assessment Systems section of the main Department of Education catalog page.