Academic Catalog

Entertainment and Media Management - MBA

This program focuses on the business aspects of the entertainment and media industries as they relate to the music, film, and television sectors. Early in the program, the curriculum is designed to provide students with foundational knowledge in the areas of negotiations, accounting, entrepreneurship, and global aspects of the industry. In the second semester, students develop a more advanced understanding of the role that analytics, finance, and law play in the entertainment industry. The hallmark of the program is the immersive, experiential learning component.  This aspect of the program requires students to run a multifaceted production company which, allows them to practice the theories and concepts learned in the curriculum. In the required practicum courses, students gain direct experience with the full spectrum of operational decisions involved in running media and entertainment businesses in both foreign and domestic markets.  Students will: 1) sign, develop, and release a work for a recording artist as part of a record label; 2) shop for content at a world-class film festival to license to a broadcaster; 3) operate a music publishing company; and 4) help organize and operate a summer music festival. In this way, the program prepares students to meet current industry needs as well as to be able to adapt to, and lead in, an ever changing industry.

BGRD 57900The Business of Entertainment1.5
BGRD 60900Entrepreneurship for the Entertainment Industry1.5
BGRD 61100Practicum, Production Management for Film & Television1
BGRD 61200Practicum, Music Label Management2
BGRD 61300Practicum, Music Publishing Management1
BGRD 61400Practicum, Live Music Production and Management2
BGRD 61600Negotiations for Entertainment & Media Industries3
BGRD 61700Business Analytics 3
BGRD 61800Organizational Structure, Processes, & Leadership3
BGRD 62100Global Dimensions of the Entertainment and Media Industries3
BGRD 62200Finance & Economics in the Entertainment Industry 3
BGRD 62500Accounting for the Entertainment Industries3
BGRD 62600Legal Environment of the Entertainment & Media Industries3
BGRD 63400Marketing in a Digital World I2
BGRD 63500Marketing in a Digital World II2
BGRD 64200Capstone in Entertainment and Media Industries2
Total Credits36