Academic Catalog

Music Education (M.M. or M.S.)

This program offers candidates an opportunity to refine their teaching skills through a program involving teaching, performance, research, contemporary trends, and interaction with leaders in the field of music education. The degree fulfills academic requirements for permanent certification in New York and reciprocity requirements for other states.

Applicants must have completed the requirements for New York State initial or provisional certification, including successful practice teaching in music, or the equivalent requirements for another state. Generally, students entering this degree program have professional music teaching experience. Matriculating students not actively employed in the profession will be allowed to complete their first year, but will need to have acquired a school teaching position before enrolling for their second year of study. The final oral examination for music education students includes a teaching presentation and submission of a process-folio created during the student’s coursework.

Degree Requirements

Required Courses
MUED 65200Process-folio and Presentation 1: Seminar1
MUED 65400Process-Folio and Presentation 21
MUED 65500Process-Folio and Presentation 31
MUTH 65200Bibliography and Research in Music3
MUED 68000Psychology of Music Teaching3
MUED 68200Seminar in Music Education3
Select one of the following:2
Materials and Rehearsal Techniques for the Public School Wind Band 1
Choral Rehearsal and Vocal Techniques 2
Materials and Rehearsal Techniques for the School Orchestra 3
Select five credits from the following:5
PFMJ 6xxx0
Performance (major instrument) Mus Ed
PFMJ 6xxxxx
Performance (minor instrument)
MUEN 6xxxx
Advanced Instrumental Techniques: Woodwinds
Advanced Instrumental Techniques: Brass
Advanced Instrumental Techniques: Concert Percussion
Advanced Instrumental Techniques: Strings
Advanced Instrumental Techniques: Voice
Advanced Instrumental Techniques: Popular Music Instruments
Advanced Instrumental Techniques: Classroom Instruments
Advanced Instrumental Techniques: Conducting
Advanced Instrumental Techniques: Music Technology
MUxxx xxxxxElectives in music theory, music history and literature, music education, performance and ensemble, or general studies selected in conference with major adviser 411
Total Credits30