Academic Catalog

Occupational Therapy B.S./O.T.D. Program

This is the graduate portion of the six year B.S./O.T.D. program. See undergraduate catalog for more information.

OTDR 60100Practice Based Experience II2
OTDR 60600Concepts in Productive Aging3
OTDR 60700Concepts in Pediatric Occupational Therapy4
OTDR 60800Pediatric Occupational Therapy Seminar1
OTDR 61300Evidence in Occupational Therapy III3
OTDR 60900Management and Policy in Occupational Therapy3
OTDR 61000Population and Global Health3
OTDR 61400Leadership and Advocacy to Advance Practice3
OTDR 61500Advanced Topics in Occupational Therapy2
OTDR 61600Technology and Environmental Adaptation3
OTDR 61700Cultural Perspectives in Occupational Therapy3
Select one of the following:3
Applied Adult Practice
Applied Pediatric Practice
Fieldwork Courses
OTDR 62000Fieldwork Level IIA6
OTDR 62100Fieldwork Level IIB6
Doctoral Capstone Requirements
OTDR 63000Introduction to Doctoral Capstone1
OTDR 63100Capstone Project I3
OTDR 63200Capstone Project II3
OTDR 63300Doctoral Experiential Component6
Total Credits58