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Extramural (Nondegree Study)

Persons who are not seeking a degree at Ithaca College may enroll on a course-by-course basis in undergraduate and graduate classes as extramural (nondegree) students. Extramural study at Ithaca College is appropriate for a wide range of individuals, such as:

  • persons who never started college or who want to return to college;
  • area residents who want to take a course or two for professional development or personal interest;
  • college graduates who want to continue their education at either the undergraduate or graduate level;
  • students at another college or university who want to enroll for transfer of credit;
  • international students whose visa eligibility and financial status are approved by the Office of International Programs;
  • qualified high school students who wish to get a head start in college-level study;
  • Ithaca College employees who have the approval of their department supervisor and the Office of Human Resources.

Eligibility and Limitations

Extramural students who have graduated from high school or hold a GED or an associate’s degree may register for undergraduate courses only. Those who already hold a bachelor’s or advanced degree may register for either undergraduate or graduate courses; however, for registration in graduate courses, permission of the graduate chair is required. All classes (with certain restrictions) are open to extramural students on a space-available basis. Registrants must meet the prescribed prerequisites for any course. In academic matters, no distinction is made among students, regardless of age. Extramural students are generally ineligible for enrollment in independent studies and internships.

Extramural students may enroll for a cumulative total of 18 undergraduate credits before applying to any undergraduate degree program. More than 18 credits may be taken only if the student does not wish to participate in a degree program. Extramural students who enroll in graduate courses are subject to the guidelines on transfer of credit outlined in the Ithaca College graduate catalog. No more than 12 graduate credits taken as an extramural student may be applied to a graduate degree at Ithaca College.

Credits earned on an extramural basis may be transferred to an Ithaca College degree program, although this transfer is not guaranteed. All transfer credits are subject to approval by the appropriate dean. Anyone wishing to enter an Ithaca College undergraduate or graduate degree program must apply through the Office of Admission, 607-274-3124.

Undergraduate Programs admission website

Graduate Studies Admissions website

Ithaca College reserves the right to suspend the eligibility of any student who does not maintain a passing cumulative grade point average (2.00). All dismissals from the program are at the discretion of the program director.

Matriculated Ithaca College undergraduate and graduate students — including those who are suspended, dismissed, withdrawn, or on a leave of absence from any school within the College — are not eligible for registration as extramural students.

Registration and Tuition

Course registration for extramural study is completed during the first week of classes. Extramural registrants pay on a per-credit basis regardless of the number of credits enrolled. The 2020-2021 undergraduate rate is $1,554 per credit. The graduate tuition rate varies according to program. The fee to audit is 10 percent of the undergraduate per credit tuition rate for both undergraduate and graduate courses.

New York State requires all students who register for 6 or more credits in a semester to provide proof of immunization against measles, mumps, and rubella.

Review the Extended Studies website and contact the office for more information.