Academic Catalog

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Course Prefixes

Prefix Department/Discipline
ACCT Accounting
ANTH Anthropology
ARAB Arabic
ARTH Art History
ASTR Astronomy
BGRD Business — Graduate
BINT Business — Interdisciplinary
BIOC Biochemistry
BIOL Biology
CHEM Chemistry
CHIN Chinese
CLTC Culture and Communication
CMST Communication Studies
CNPH Cinema, Photography, and Media Arts
COMP Computer Science
CSCR Culture, Race, and Ethnicity
DNCE Dance
ECON Economics
EDUC Education
ENGL English
ENVS Environmental Studies
EXSS Exercise and Sport Sciences
FINA Finance
FREN French
GBUS General Business
GCOM General Communications
GERM German
GERO Aging Studies (previously Gerontology)
HEBR Hebrew
HINT Health Sciences and Human Performance Interdisciplinary
HIST History
HLTH Health
HNRS Honors
ICIC Integrated Curriculum
ICSM Ithaca Seminar
IISP Individual and Interdisciplinary Studies Program
INST Integrative Studies
INST Integrative Studies
INTB International Business
ITAL Italian
JAZZ Jazz Studies
JOUR Journalism
JWST Jewish Studies
LATN Latin
LGST Legal Studies
LNGS Languages
MASS Media Arts, Sciences, and Studies
MATH Mathematics
MGMT Management
MKTG Marketing
MSRT Music Sound Recording Technology
MUED Music Education
MUEN Music Ensembles
MUMC Additional Music Courses
MUNM Courses for the Non-Music Major
MUPS Music Performance Studies
MUTH Music Theory, Sight-Singing, and Composition; Music History and Literature
OTBS Occupational Therapy
OTMS Occupational Therapy (Graduate)
PALS Physical Activity, Leisure, and Safety
PDPT Physical Therapy (Doctorate)
PFMJ Music - Performance Study, Major
PFNM Music - Performance Study, Nonmajor
PFSM Music - Performance Study, Secondary
PHED Physical Education
PHIL Philosophy
PHYS Physics
POLT Politics
PSYC Psychology
PTBS Physical Therapy
RLS Recreation and Leisure Studies
RLST Religious Studies
SLPA Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
SOCI Sociology
SPAN Spanish
SMGT Sport Management
SPME Sports Media
SPST Sport Studies
STCM Strategic Communication
THEA Theater Arts
TVR Television-Radio
WGST Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
WRTG Writing

Key to Symbols

F Fall
S Spring
U Summer
E Even (e.g., academic year 2006-2007)
O Odd (e.g., academic year 2007-2008)
Y Yearly
IRR Irregular
F-S Offered in both fall and spring semesters
GPA Grade point average
B Block course
R Course must be taken at Ithaca College
LA Liberal arts
NLA Not liberal arts
FA Fine arts
HU Humanities
NS Natural sciences
SS Social sciences
U Undesignated
HNS Honors Course

ICC Requirement Categories and Designations

TIDE Theme: Identities
TIII Theme: Inquiry, Imagination, Innovation
TMBS Theme: Mind, Body, Spirit
TPJ Theme: Power and Justice
TQSF Theme: Quest for a Sustainable Future
TWOS Theme: World of Systems
CA (ICC) - Creative Arts
HM (ICC) - Humanities
SC (ICC) - Natural Sciences
SO (ICC) - Social Sciences
CP (ICC) - Capstone
DV (ICC) - Diversity
QL (ICC) - Quantitative Literacy
WI (ICC) - Writing Intensive

Course Linkages

/ between two course numbers means that either course may be taken.
- between course numbers mean that both courses must be taken in that order.

In addition to the courses listed in this catalog, others may be offered on an experimental basis. Details are available via Homer Connect, as well as in the Humanities and Sciences Supplement for the semester in which they are given. (,,