Mathematics-Physics Major — B.A.

The mathematics-physics major provides an option for students who want to concentrate on both areas equally rather than majoring in one or the other. The student can move easily to either mathematics or physics at any time up to the middle of the junior year.

Policy on prerequisites: A grade of C- or better is required for a course in mathematics to fulfill a prerequisite for another mathematics course. A student must receive the permission of the mathematics department to take a mathematics course that is a prerequisite for a mathematics course for which he or she has previously received credit.


Mathematics-Physics B.A. Major Requirements67-70
Integrative Core Curriculum Requirements 129-41
Total Credits120

 See Integrative Core Curriculum requirements, with information about the H&S CLA requirement.

Degree Requirements 

An overall average of C (2.00) or above is required in mathematics and physics courses being used to fulfill the minimum course requirements for the major. No more than one passing grade below C- in mathematics or physics courses may be used.

MATH 11100Calculus I4
MATH 11200Calculus II4
MATH 19100World of Mathematics1
MATH 21100Calculus III4
MATH 21200Calculus IV3
MATH 21400Differential Equations3
or MATH 21600 Statistical Analysis
MATH 23100Linear Algebra3
MATH 27000Mathematical Reasoning with Discrete Mathematics3
MATH 30300Abstract Algebra4
or MATH 30500 Introduction to Analysis
MATH xxxxxOne course at level 3 or above (excluding MATH 39100)3-4
PHYS 11700Principles of Physics I: Mechanics4
PHYS 11800Principles of Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism4
PHYS 12000Introductory Applied Physics Laboratory3
PHYS 21700Principles of Physics III: Waves, Optics and Thermodynamics4
PHYS 21800Principles of Physics IV: Modern Physics4
PHYS 22500DC and AC Circuits3
PHYS 30100Mathematical Methods of Physics3
PHYS 30500Electromagnetism3
PHYS 31100Analytical Mechanics3
PHYS 48900Review of Undergraduate Physics1
Select one of the following options:3-5
Capstone in Mathematics I
Capstone in Mathematics II
Senior Project
A minimum of 135 hours of research devoted to Senior Thesis project
Senior Thesis Proposal
Senior Thesis I
Senior Thesis II
PHYS 499xx
Advanced Physics Research
Total Credits67-70

Students who choose the Physics Senior Thesis option for the capstone requirement must complete at least 135 hours of research devoted to the Senior Thesis project; this research can be completed either during the semester (as research course(s)) or during a summer internship at Ithaca College or elsewhere.