Academic Catalog

Athletic Training - B.S./M.S.

Degree Requirements

ATEG 50100Biomedical Foundations of Clinical Science in Athletic Training3
ATEG 50200Acute Care and Emergency Management in Athletic Training4
ATEG 50300Clinical Pathoanatomy3
ATEG 50400Professional Practice in Athletic Training2
ATEG 50500Practicum in Athletic Training I3
ATEG 50600Assessment of Musculoskeletal Conditions and Injuries4
ATEG 50700Clinical Principles of Medical Science4
ATEG 50800Therapeutic Interventions in Athletic Training I4
ATEG 51000Practicum in Athletic Training II3
ATEG 51100Clinical Research in Athletic Training I2
ATEG 51500Clinical Capabilities in Athletic Training2
ESSG 52100Advanced Study in Exercise Physiology3
ATEG 60400Foundations of Health Care Delivery and Administration3
ATEG 60500Practicum in Athletic Training III3
ATEG 60700Medical and Health Aspects of Athletic Training Practice2
ATEG 60800Therapeutic Interventions in Athletic Training II4
ATEG 61000Practicum in Athletic Training IV5
ATEG 61100Clinical Research in Athletic Training II2
ATEG 61200Clinical Research in Athletic Training III2
ATEG 61500Advanced Clinical Capabilities in Athletic Training2
Total Credits60

Courses within the B.S. Exercise Pre-Athletic Training phase of the B.S./M.S. Program