Academic Catalog

Exercise Science Pre-Athletic Training — B.S.

This B.S. degree requires 60 liberal arts credits out of the 120 credits required for graduation. 


Major Requirements 90-92
Integrative Core Curriculum and Electives 128-30
Total Credits120

General Requirements

Select from one of the following:
MATH 14500Statistics for the Health, Life, and Social Sciences3-4
or MATH 15500 Basic Statistical Reasoning
PHYS 10100Introduction to Physics I4
BIOL 11900Fundamentals of Biology: Cells and Bodies4
PSYC 10300General Psychology3
Select from one of the following: 3-4
Chemistry and Your Body
General Chemistry
Principles of Chemistry
and Principles of Chemistry Laboratory
Total Credits17-19

 Basic and Applied Sciences

EXSS 12000Anatomy and Physiology I4
EXSS 12100Anatomy and Physiology II4
EXSS 12500Foundations of Human Performance and Wellness2
EXSS 12600Origins and Literacy of Medical Science2
EXSS 22000Kinesiology4
EXSS 30600Biomechanical Principles of Human Movement4
EXSS 32100Exercise Physiology4
EXSS 37500Research Methods in Exercise and Sport Sciences3
Total Credits27

Specific Requirements 

HLTH 20200Human Nutrition3
HLTH 21700Epidemiological Approaches to Disease Prevention and Control3
EXSS 24600Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries3
EXSS 31100Biopsychosocial Foundations of Clinical Practice3
EXSS 31200Pre Healthcare Clinical Practicum I1
EXSS 41100Principles of Evidence Based Practice and Clinical Reasoning2
EXSS 41200Pre-Healthcare Clinical Practicum II1
ATEG 50100Biomedical Foundations of Clinical Science in Athletic Training3
ATEG 50200Acute Care and Emergency Management in Athletic Training4
ATEG 50300Clinical Pathoanatomy3
ATEG 50400Professional Practice in Athletic Training2
ATEG 50500Practicum in Athletic Training I3
ATEG 50600Assessment of Musculoskeletal Conditions and Injuries4
ATEG 50700Clinical Principles of Medical Science4
ATEG 50800Therapeutic Interventions in Athletic Training I4
ATEG 51000Practicum in Athletic Training II3
Total Credits46

Courses within the M.S. Athletic Training phase of the B.S./M.S. Program