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Graduate Course Registration

Graduate Course Registration (Office of the Registrar)

Health Report

Before the first day of classes, every new graduate student is required to complete and submit health certification information to Ithaca College’s J. David Hammond Center for Student Health Services. This includes the New York State immunization requirements and any other immunizations required by the College. Entrance medical requirements are submitted directly to the Hammond Health Center via a secure web portal that is linked from the health center's web page. Students who do not comply with this requirement will not be allowed to remain on campus, and their course registration will be canceled. More information and forms are also available on the Hammond Health Center website.

Audit Policy

An audited graduate course will appear on a student's transcript provided the student

  • obtains the permission of the instructor;
  • pays the audit fee (10 percent of the current undergraduate tuition rate, per credit hour) plus any additional course fees; and
  • follows the instructor's requirements for auditors, including attendance policy.

The student or faculty member must submit an audit form to the Office of the Registrar by the add/drop deadline in the semester in which the course is to be audited. Refer to the Office of Extended Studies for policies on auditing summer and winter session courses. A graduate course audited for personal interest or for review of certain segments of the course material (no record on transcript) requires only the instructor's permission to attend the class.

All audits depend on class capacity. No tuition-paying student will be denied a place in a class as a result of a place being provided to an auditor. Audits are not counted as credit toward graduation or calculated in the GPA. Students may change their status from audit to credit only if they do so before the add/drop deadline.

Course Offerings

Course listings for each semester are published online. The registration schedule is announced by the Office of the Registrar.

Course Numbering System

Course numbers consist of a four-character alphabetic department code and a five-digit group. The first digit of the five-digit group is the level of the course.

  • Level-five courses are graduate courses in which qualified seniors may enroll under certain circumstances. For more information, see the following:
  • Ithaca College Undergraduate Catalog
  • Level-six courses are for graduate students only.
  • Level-seven courses are graduate-level workshops.

Semester Workload

A full-time graduate student is defined as one who takes 9 graduate credits per regular semester or 6 graduate credits in the summer. Full-time students may not take more than 12 graduate credits per semester.  Exceptions to this policy may exist based on graduate program requirements.  Students should consult with their program if they have questions about semester workload.  Exceptions to this policy in other programs may be obtained by use of the petition process for waiver of the policy.

Withdrawal from a Course

The last date for withdrawal from a course with a grade of W is determined by a percentage of class days. If fewer than 75 percent of the class days for a course have elapsed, the student may withdraw without an F.

Tuition Refund Schedule

Tuition refund is granted when the student drops a course before the add/drop deadline, which is posted on the academic calendar for any term (see the Academic Calendars). No refund is granted if the student withdraws from a course after the deadline.

Graduate students who officially withdraw from or are dismissed from all courses during a term at Ithaca College are charged a percentage of total tuition for that term. For more information refer to the "Refund Procedure." Weeks are counted from the first day of class in each semester. No refunds will be granted until the student completes the College's official withdrawal procedure.

There may be certain college or program fees that are non-refundable.  In addition, special refund procedures may apply in graduate programs where a block system for coursework is used or during summer/winter sessions.