Academic Catalog

Writing for Film TV and EM Major — B.F.A.

Jack Bryant, Associate Professor and Program Director

The B.F.A. in Writing for Film, Television, and Emerging Media is grounded in the origins and conventions of story, with a curriculum designed to expose students to all aspects and principles of writing for screen media, as well as provide rigorous writing practice in multiple forms of narrative media. Required study and internships in our Los Angeles program will expose students to careers in the constantly evolving world of screen narrative.


Major credits required for the program:67
Integrative Core Curriculum required credits: 129
Other elective courses:24
Total Credits120

Degree Requirements

Core Requirements
GCOM 13000Spark: Igniting your Future in Communications1
MASS 10400Story: From Cave Paintings to Emerging Media (ICC-CLA)3
TVR 12400Introduction to Media Industries (ICC-CLA)4
MASS 13400Writing for Screen Media3
MASS 23300Structuring the Feature Film (ICC-CLA)3
TVR 32700Program Development for Entertainment Media4
MASS 33400Writing for Series TV (ICC-CLA; offered in Los Angeles)4
CNPH/TVR 49000Internship: Cinema and Photography6
CNPH 10100Introduction to Film Aesthetics and Analysis3
or TVR 12200 Introduction to Media Aesthetics and Analysis
CNPH 21400Hollywood and American Film4
or TVR 21400 Design of New Media: Theory, Function and Analysis
Select one of the following:4
Cinema Production 1
Introduction to Photography
Introduction to Field Production
Select one of the following:3
Fiction Film Theory (ICC-WI, offered in Los Angeles)
History and Theory of Documentary (ICC-WI)
Contemporary Film Criticism (offered only in Los Angeles)
Electronic Media Criticism (offered only in Los Angeles)
Select two of the following:8
Writing the Feature Film (offered in Los Angeles)
Writing for Video Games and Emerging Media
Writing the Series Pilot
MASS 33701-MASS 33730
Selected Topics in Writing for Screen Media
Select two of the following:8
Thesis Screenwriting (offered in Los Angeles)
Thesis Writing for Screen Media (offered in Los Angeles)
Thesis Writing for Emerging Media
Thesis TV Writing (offered in Los Angeles)
Select three of the following:9
Acting I
Personal Essay
WRTG 3xxxx
Level 3 Writing course
ENGL 1xxxx
Level 1 English course
ENGL 2xxxx
Level 2 English course
Total Credits67

A minimum of 30 credits designated Liberal Arts (LA) must be completed for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. In addition, the Integrative Core Curriculum must be completed. The Integrative Core Curriculum may be completed using elective/distribution credits, but may be re-used from the major requirements.