Academic Catalog

Sports Media - B.S.

Mead Loop, Professor and Program Director

As one of the few institutions in the country to award a sports media degree, in 1992 Ithaca College created a sports media-centric program with a focus on experiential-learning opportunities and specialized courses for a career in the sports industry.

The sports media major prepares students for careers at the college, professional, and amateur levels as media relations directors, event marketers, on-air talent, producers, digital journalists, publicists, social media strategists, and community relations coordinators. The curriculum consists of a sports media core and a required area-of-study comprised of strategic communications, journalism, television-radio, and general communications course offerings. In addition to liberal arts requirements, students have the academic flexibility to declare a minor, study abroad, and/or study away.


Major Core Requirement34
Major Elective Requirement18
Supplemental Requirement3
Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC) Requirements 129
Other Electives36
Total Credits120

Degree Requirements 

Major Core Requirements
GCOM 13000Spark: Igniting your Future in Communications1
SPME 11100Introduction to Sports Media3
JOUR 11100Introduction to Journalism (ICC-CLA)4
TVR 11500Introduction to Field Production4
TVR 12400Introduction to Media Industries (ICC-CLA)4
STCM 23200Public Relations (ICC-CLA)3
SPME 22500Sports Media Relations3
SPME 33900Sports Publications3
SPME 39800Narratives in Sports Documentaries3
SPME 44000Senior Workshop in Sports Media3
SPME 46000Internship in Sports Media3
Major Elective Requirement
Select 18 credits of the following (at least 9 credits must be at the 30000 level or higher):18
SPME xxxxx: Sports Media courses
JOUR xxxxx: Journalism courses
STCM xxxxx: Strategic Communications courses
TVR xxxxx: Television Radio Courses
GCOM xxxxx: General Communications courses
Supplemental Requirement - Select one of the following3
Public Communication (ICC-CLA)
Business & Professional Comm (ICC-CLA)
Total Credits55