Academic Catalog

Deaf Studies Minor

The Deaf Studies minor is designed to develop the use of American Sign Language and increase the student’s understanding of deafness and Deaf culture. Students majoring in all disciplines are eligible to apply for this minor; however, a limited number of students are accepted based on course availability. 

Entrance requirements to this minor include: completion of SLPA 10901 and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. Students interested in the minor should submit their application upon completion of American Sign Language I.

Prior to registering for the minor, students from outside the Speech-Language Pathology major must meet with the Department of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology faculty member who serves as the Deaf Studies Minor advisor. After registering for the minor, students will be assigned a minor advisor. Students who are Speech-Language Pathology majors must meet with their departmental faculty advisors prior to registering for the minor; the student's major advisor also serves as the minor advisor.

All courses for the minor, with the exception of ASL I, must be completed at Ithaca College.


SLPA 10901American Sign Language I3
SLPA 20901American Sign Language II3
SLPA 30901American Sign Language III3
SLPA 20800Perspectives on Deafness3
SLPA 31000Deaf Culture3
Total Credits15

NOTE:  The above courses may have prerequisites; refer to the course descriptions.

Application and acceptance into the Deaf Studies minor is required prior to enrolling in American Sign Language III. Guidelines on course sequencing and other requirements are available at the department office in Smiddy Hall 301.