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Music Minor

This program provides an organized sequence of study that nonmajors may begin at the start of their first year. Each applicant must audition on a principal instrument and pass a sight-singing test. A schedule of audition dates is available through the music admissions office or the College admissions office.

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Program Requirements
MUTH 10100Fundamentals of Music Theory 11
MUTH 12100Introduction to Musical Styles2
MUTH 12200Music Theory I2
MUTH 13300Aural Skills I1.5
MUTH 13400Aural Skills II1.5
MUTH 25500History and Literature of Music I3
MUTH 25600History and Literature of Music II3
PFMJ xxx01Private Instrument 24
MUEN xxxxxMajor Ensemble in consecutive semesters 34
Total Credits22