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Students who are considering law school after college may prepare for the study of law by completing any of the regular majors at Ithaca College. Law schools do not stipulate specific pre-law courses of study but recommend that students develop skills in critical thinking, comprehension and expression with words, as well as critical understanding of the human institutions and values with which the law deals.

Ithaca College's Pre-Law Advisory Program is open to students in any academic major at the college and provides additional support for students who are interested in a post-baccalaureate path in law. The program educates, informs, and advises undergraduate students about admission to law school. The Pre-Law Program provides students with access to extensive resources, including personalized counseling by the pre-law advisor, to help determine if law school and the legal profession meets their interests, and if so, the best way to achieve their goals. The pre-law advisor also helps students to set up individualized timelines based on the student’s personal goals. Once a member of the dynamic Pre-Law Program community, students have opportunities to meet IC alumni who have become successful attorneys and speak with IC alumni who are currently in law school. Specific information on law schools is also available from the Office of Career Services. For more information, students may learn more on the Pre-Law Advisory Program webpage.