Academic Catalog

Pre-Medical Sciences

Students who wish to prepare for health science professions — dentistry, medicine (M.D. or D.O.), optometry, physician assistant, nursing/nurse practitioner, veterinary medicine — may do so at Ithaca College in a variety of ways. No specific major is required to prepare for these professions, but students must complete several semesters of coursework in biology, general or inorganic chemistry, and/or organic chemistry. Coursework in anatomy and physiology, physics, and microbiology is also required for certain professions. Students should also demonstrate competency in mathematics and statistics, and basic knowledge in biochemistry, psychology, and sociology for required entrance exams such as the MCAT.

Most medical science graduate schools also expect coursework in English and/or writing, and social sciences/humanities (e.g., psychology, sociology, art, history, philosophy, etc.). To enhance competitiveness, students are encouraged to pursue advanced coursework in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics.

Students interested in the medical sciences professions should inform their academic advisor, contact the chairperson of the Health Professions Advisory Committee, and research prerequisite requirements as early as possible in their academic career. This will ensure that their academic programs are planned to meet all requirements for professional school by the end of the senior year and in time for the professional schools’ admissions tests.