Academic Catalog

Animation Minor

Jason Harrington, Associate Professor and Minor Coordinator

The animation minor is designed to benefit students across schools and disciplines.  The growing world of animation, special effects and motion graphics influences and interacts with many other areas of study.  This minor serves students who are interested in learning animation fundamentals such as production methods, industry structure, project development, software techniques and other key aspects of animation production.


CNPH 11100Cinema Production 14
or TVR 11500 Introduction to Field Production
MASS 20100Introduction to Animation4
TVR 30900Motion Graphics and Animation4
CNPH 32400Advanced Cinema Production: Animation4
ART 12000Two-Dimensional Design3
or ART 13000 Introduction to Drawing
Select one of the following:3
Intermediate Drawing
Figure Drawing
Principles of Graphic Design
Computer Art and Animation
Multimedia Programming
Audio Production
Total Credits22