Academic Catalog

Business Analytics Minor

Decision making is the most basic element of the managerial skill set and the decisions of today and tomorrow are built on a sophisticated analysis of huge quantities of data.  Graduates of this program are forward-thinking in their approach to decision making with an ability to understand the challenges of determining the right questions to ask in the midst of messy data, analyze "big data," and bring the results of their analysis to a wider audience through the use of data visualization.

MATH 14400Statistics for Business, Economics and Management3-4
or MATH 14500 Statistics for the Health, Life, and Social Sciences
or MATH 21600 Statistical Analysis
or PSYC 20700 Statistics in Psychology
MATH 24600Intermediate Statistics3
MGMT 26000Data Analytics I3
MGMT 36500Analytics II3
MGMT 48100Advanced Decision Making with Analytics3
Total Credits15-16