Academic Catalog

Aging Studies Minor

The Aging Studies minor provides students an understanding of the multi-faceted nature of aging through coursework and experiential learning and is appropriate for students across the college. In the core introductory class students will learn about the biological, psychological, and social aspects of aging and relate that knowledge to the lives of older adults in the community.  Upper level elective courses allow students to examine specific aspects of aging in more depth.

The minor in Aging Studies requires a minimum of 15 credits, including 3 required credits and 12 elective credits. Some courses have pre-requisites.


GERO 1xxxxAny 100-level GERO course3
Select 12 credits from the following (at least 6 credits must be at the 300 level or above): 212
Biology of Aging
Health and Aging
Sociology of Aging
Memory Loss and Aging: Myths and Realities
Lifespan Creativity
Fieldwork in Gerontology
Human Development II
Aging and Social Policy
The Long-Term Care System
Counseling the Older Adult
End-of-Life Issues
Independent Study
Lifecycle Nutrition
Adulthood and Aging
Communication Disorders in the Aging Population
Total Credits15