Academic Catalog

Health Minor

The health minor is open to students majoring in all disciplines except public and community health. Students enrolled in this minor are afforded the opportunity to survey a broad set of health issues impacting individual and population health. Following a required 3-credit theoretical framework course, students can take advantage of the flexibility of this minor to study health issues of interest, be it health care systems, health promotion and disease prevention, or an array of health content areas.


HLTH 20500Critical Health Issues3
or HLTH 21300 Wellness: Multicultural Perspectives on Health and Healing
Fifteen credits in health-related electives, selected from the list, with no more than three credits earned in a level 1xxxx course and at least three credits earned in a course at level 3xxxx or above.
HLTH 1xxxx
Choice of any 100-level health course from selected list
HLTH 2xxxx-HLTH 4xxxx
Choice of any 200-, 300-, or 400-level courses from selected list
PHED 2xxxx -OR- SOCI 3xxxx
HLTH 3xxxx-HLTH 4xxxx
Choice of any 300- or 400-level course from selected list
SOCI 3xxxx
Medical Terminology
War, Hunger, and Genocide: An International Health Perspective
Personal Health
Technology for the Professional Edge
Cyborgs, Clones, and Policy: New Technologies in Health and Medicine
Food and Society
Human Nutrition
Consumer Health
Economics of Health Care
Critical Health Issues
Viral Diseases of the World
Wellness: Multicultural Perspectives on Health and Healing
Epidemiological Approaches to Disease Prevention and Control
Health Communication
Stress: Its Nature and Management
Human Sexuality
Human Disease
Fitness Applications for Health Promotion
Development and Evaluation of Health Programs
Fitness Applications for Health Promotion
Global Health
Lifecycle Nutrition
Counseling for the Health Professions
Family Health Problems
Health Research and Analysis
Health Planning and Administration
Health Promotion in the Workplace
Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Policy
Drug Use and Abuse
Public Health Policy and Justice
Teaching Strategies in Health Education
Multicultural Issues in Health
Total Credits18