Academic Catalog

Occupational Science Major — B.S.

Note: This degree does not provide eligibility for certification or licensure in occupational therapy. It is awarded after four years of study in the five-year B.S./M.S. program in occupational science/occupational therapy.


Department requirements60
Required courses outside department30
Integrative Core Curriculum 123-24
Free electives6-7
Total Credits120

Degree Requirements 

OTBS 10600Introduction to Occupational Science 13
OTBS 20100Human Development I 13
OTBS 20200Human Development II 13
OTBS 30500Applied Occupations3
OTBS 32000Clinical Psychiatry in Occupational Therapy3
OTBS 33500Individual and Group Work in Health Sciences 14
OTBS 38500Quantitative Concepts in Professional Reasoning3
OTBS 40000Functional Human Anatomy5
OTBS 41000Neuroscience3
OTBS 42100Kinesiology4
OTBS 43000Applied Interventions in Occupational Therapy3
OTBS 44000Concepts in Adult Occupational Therapy4
OTBS 44500Concepts in Pediatric Occupational Therapy4
OTBS 45000Adult Evaluation and Intervention Processes in Occupational Therapy3
OTBS 45500Pediatric Evaluation and Intervention Processes in Occupational Therapy3
OTBS 46000Research Methods in Occupational Therapy3
OTBS 46500Occupational Therapy Research Seminar1
OTBS 47100Adult Clinical Conditions in Occupational Therapy3
OTBS 47500Pediatric Clinical Conditions in Occupational Therapy2
BIOL 11900Fundamentals of Biology: Cells and Bodies4
CHEM 11000General Chemistry3
EXSS 12000Anatomy and Physiology I4
EXSS 12100Anatomy and Physiology II4
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Philosophy
Introduction to Ethics
PSYC 10300General Psychology3
PSYC 32100Abnormal Psychology3
Select one of the following:3
SOCI xxxxx
Sociology elective
ANTH xxxxx
Anthropology elective
HLTH 20500Critical Health Issues3
Total Credits90