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Occupational Science Minor

No additional students are being admitted to this program as of Fall 2021.

Occupations are the activities we do every day that bring meaning to our lives. A minor in occupational science offers students the opportunity to understand the influence of human occupation on development, health, and wellness for the individual and for society. This minor course of study will enhance understanding of how elements of personal capabilities, in conjunction with the physical and sociocultural environment, affect human occupation. This knowledge has the potential to foster the intellectual growth of the student and contribute to various professional and academic fields (education, speech and language pathology, recreation and leisure studies, physical therapy, psychology, aging studies, sociology, biology, business, athletic training, exercise science, and preprofessional studies), and ultimately to help contribute to the health, equity, and prosperity of communities.


The minor in occupational science requires a minimum of 18 credits, including 15 required credits and 3 elective credits.

OTBS 10600Introduction to Occupational Science3
OTBS 20100Human Development I3
OTBS 20200Human Development II3
OTBS 20600The Culture of Disability3
OTBS 30600Occupational Apartheid3
Select 3 credits of the following electives:3
The Cancer Experience
Leisure and Society
Sociology of Aging
Health Care and Culture
Health Care and Culture: An International Field Experience
Adulthood and Aging
Total Credits18