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Race, Power, and Resistance - B.A.

This B.A. degree requires 90 liberal arts credits out of the 120 credits required for graduation.

Students majoring in Race, Power, and Resistance may also enroll in one of the four 20-credit CSCRE minors. Two courses may be used in both the major and the minor: CSCR 12300 and the applicable Area Studies course required for the minor (CSCR 10600, CSCR 10700, CSCR 10900, or CSCR 11000). The remaining 12 elective credits required to complete the minor may not overlap with courses for the major.

The CSCRE minors are: 

·African Diaspora Studies

·Asian American Studies

·Latino/a/x Studies

·Native American and Indigenous Studies. 


Race, Power, and Resistance B.A. Major Requirements37
Integrative Core Curriculum Requirements and Electives 183
Total Credits120

Degree Requirements

CSCR 12300Introduction to Culture, Race & Ethnicity Concepts4
CSCR 32400Critical Race Theories4
CSCR 43400Capstone Seminar in Race, Power, and Resistance1
Select one from the following:4
Introduction to African Diaspora Studies
Introduction to Latino/a/x Studies
Introduction to Native American and Indigenous Studies
Introduction to Asian American Studies
Select one from the following:4
Asian Americans Speak Out: Resisting Mainstream History
Black Cinema: Exploring the Black Image in Film
Latino/a/x Resistance Movements
Research in Culture, Race, and Ethnicity Studies
Select 20 additional credits with the CSCR prefix, or with the RPRE attribute. These electives must meet the following criteria:20
•Eight credits at the 200-level or above
•Eight credits at the 300- or 400-level (excluding CSCR 32400 and CSCR 43400)
•Four credits at any level (excluding CSCR 12300, CSCR 32400, and CSCR 43400)
•At least eight credits must have the CSCR subject code prefix
•Area Studies and Methods courses may count towards electives if they are not being used to satisfy those requirements.
Total Credits37