Academic Catalog

Integrative Studies

Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science

Karin Breuer, Associate Professor of History and Coordinator

The Integrative Studies major is designed for students whose interests or learning goals do not coincide with departmental majors as presently defined and whose interests cross disciplinary fields in ways that require integrated combinations of coursework leading to a particular set of academic and professional goals as defined by the student.

The emphasis in the major is placed first on developing an educational goal and then on selecting the courses leading to that goal.The Integrative Studies coordinator aids the student in developing the application to the major, including facilitating admission to courses that are in the student's final plan (subject to regular departmental and school limitations and policies). The program coordinator serves as the academic adviser of record for Integrative Studies majors, but students are expected to seek faculty mentors with relevant professional and academic interests who can advise on the academic content and integrity of the plan. Once the student is admitted to the major, any changes to the plan of study, including changes to credit hours, courses in the plan, or the plan title, must be approved by the coordinator and the dean in advance.

To major in Integrative Studies, a student must file an application with the coordinator of the program; these applications are evaluated by a faculty committee before they are submitted to the dean for final approval. Applications are available online. Before submitting the final application, students must discuss their proposal with the coordinator of Integrative Studies, along with relevant department chairs, professors and deans in the units represented in the plan. Students are advised to begin these discussions well before the application deadline, as the development process typically takes several weeks. Applications are reviewed twice each year; criteria related to approval of a student's plan may include: availability of space in certain courses; the student’s GPA; feedback from faculty, chairs, and deans; and whether the plan could instead be accomplished with some combination of existing majors or minors offered at the College.

Students who matriculate at Ithaca College as a first-year student may begin the application process in the second semester, but they must have completed two semesters before being formally admitted into the major. Students must be admitted into the integrative studies major in time to register for and complete a minimum of three regular semesters of study in the major. Students may not begin the application process after they have completed five semesters. The plan development process (which can take from four to ten weeks) should begin no later than September 1 or February 1 of the student’s first semester as a junior; final applications must be submitted for formal review no later than the published application deadlines of the relevant semester.

INST 29900Independent Study: Integrative Studies1-4
INST 29910Independent Study: Integrative Studies Non-LA1-4
INST 30000Seminar in Integrative Studies1
INST 39700Internship:Integrative Studies1-6
INST 39900Independent Study: Integrative Studies1-4
INST 39910Independent Study: Integrative Studies Non-LA1-4
INST 40000Integrative Studies Capstone1
INST 49000Senior Project: Internship3-6
INST 49100Senior Project: Independent Study3-4
INST 49200Senior Project: Applied Independent Study3-4