Academic Catalog

Chemistry Major — B.S.

Students interested in pursuing an American Chemical Society-approved degree may do so via the completion of additional requirements, in consultation with their adviser.


Chemistry B.S. Major Requirements55
Integrative Core Curriculum Requirements 129-41
Total Credits120

Degree Requirements 

CHEM 12100
CHEM 12200
Principles of Chemistry
and Principles of Chemistry Laboratory
or CHEM 12300 Principles of Chemistry - Enriched Section
CHEM 22100Organic Chemistry I3
CHEM 22200Organic Chemistry II3
CHEM 22300Organic Chemistry I Laboratory1
CHEM 22400Organic Chemistry II Laboratory1
CHEM 23200Quantitative Chemistry3
CHEM 23300Quantitative Chemistry Laboratory1
CHEM 33100Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics and Kinetics3
or CHEM 33200 Physical Chemistry: Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy
CHEM 34200Inorganic Chemistry3
CHEM 34300Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory1
CHEM 35300Modern Instrumental Methods3
or BIOC 35300 Biochemistry: Protein Structure & Function
CHEM 48600Chemistry Capstone: Senior Research Experience3
CHEM 48700Chemistry Seminar1
CHEM 48800Chemistry Capstone: Senior Thesis3
Students complete 6 credits of upper-level chemistry electives, at the 300- or 400-level.6
• Any CHEM course not counting towards departmental requirements may count as a Chemistry elective, excluding CHEM research courses (CHEM 39100 or CHEM 39200)
BIOC 35300 may count towards this requirement, if not counting as a Chemistry requirement.
MATH 10800Applied Calculus4
or MATH 11100 Calculus I
MATH 14500Statistics for the Health, Life, and Social Sciences4
or MATH 11200 Calculus II
or MATH 21600 Statistical Analysis
PHYS 10100Introduction to Physics I4
or PHYS 11700 Principles of Physics I: Mechanics
COMP 17100Principles of Computing Science I4
or PHYS 11800 Principles of Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism
Total Credits55