Academic Catalog

History Major — B.A.


History B.A. Major Requirements41-47
Integrative Core Curriculum Requirements 128-40
Total Credits120

Degree Requirements 

No more than 4 credits at the grade of C- or below may be counted toward meeting the requirements of the history major. AP courses in History may not be counted toward major requirements.

HIST 30000History Lab1
HIST 49400History Capstone1
History majors must complete an additional 39 credits in history. These courses must fulfill the following minimum criteria for level and area of focus:
Level Criteria
At least 6 credits, and no more than 12 credits, at level 1
At least 27 credits at level 2 and above
At least 15 credits at level 3 and above; of these 15 credits, at least 6 credits must be in a tutorial or seminar at level 4
Area Criteria
The 27 credits (nine 3-credit courses) at level 2 and above must include:
A minimum of 6 credits in European history
A minimum of 6 credits in United States history
A minimum of 6 credits in global history
All history majors must demonstrate proficiency at college-level language study, in a language other than English, through the beginner level. This can be done in one of three ways: 1) taking 101 and 102 for 6 credits; 2) placing into and taking 102 for 3 credits; or 3) taking the proficiency exam and testing into 201 or above, in which case the requirement is met and no additional foreign language credits are required.0-6
Language courses taken in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at Ithaca College for this requirement must be in a language other than English; must be taken for a letter grade; and students must earn a C- or better in language courses. As a department requirement, grades in language courses count toward department policies (only 4 credits at a C- or below may apply to courses in the major). In addition, American Sign Language cannot be used to fulfill this requirement.
Total Credits41-47