Academic Catalog

Religious Studies - B.A.

This B.A. degree requires 90 liberal arts credits out of the 120 credits required for graduation.


Religious Studies B.A. Major Requirements31
Integrative Core Curriculum Requirements and Electives 189
Total Credits120

Degree Requirements

RLST 10100Religion Matters3
RLST 20100Religion and Culture3
RLST 21000Religion, Race, and Social Justice3
or RLST 21100 Religion, Gender, and Sexuality
Select two courses from the following, in consultation with a faculty adviser:6
Living Judaism
Deconstructing Christianity
Engaging Islam
Hindu Worlds
Seeking the Buddha
Exploration and Analysis
15 additional elective credits, to be fulfilled by courses that have an RLST prefix or by courses that have an RSEA attribute. These elective credits can include courses listed as Foundations or Traditions, but should not repeat courses already taken to satisfy those requirements. 115
These elective credits must meet the following parameters:
•no more than 6 Exploration and Analysis credits may be taken at the 100-level
•at least 6 Exploration and Analysis credits must be taken at the 300-level or above
•at least 6 Exploration and Analysis credits must have an RLST subject code prefix
•no more than 3 Exploration and Analysis credits may be fulfilled by RLST 39100 Independent Study or RLST 39800 Internship
Synthesis and Reflection
RLST 41000Religious Studies Capstone (typically taken during the senior year)1
Total Credits31