Academic Catalog

Legal Studies - B.A.


Required courses57
Applied law electives6
Social, political, ethical, and cultural electives6
Integrative Core Curriculum25-26
Liberal arts electives10-17
Open electives8-16
Total Credits120

Degree Requirements

Required Courses
CMST 11000Public Communication3
or CMST 11500 Business & Professional Comm
CMST 12400Courtrooms & Communication3
PHIL 10100Introduction to Philosophy (ICC-CLA)3
POLT 10100U.S. Politics (ICC-CLA)3
POLT 12300Political Justice3
SOCI 10100Introduction to Sociology (ICC-CLA)3
TVR 12300Introduction to Law and the Media3
PHIL 20300Introduction to Logic (ICC-CLA)3
PHIL 26500Philosophical Problems in Law3
WRTG 20100Argument3
or CMST 21500 Argumentation & Debate
Select one of the following (ICC-WI):3
Writing for the Workplace (ICC-WI)
Technical Writing
Writing for the Professions
GBUS 20300Legal Environment of Business I3
GBUS 20400Legal Environment of Business II3
or GBUS 30700 Commercial Law
CMST 32000Communication at the Bargaining Table3
or CMST 32100 Oral Advocacy in Arbitration and the Courts
LGST 32300Legal Research Seminar3
MGMT 30200Applied Ethical Issues in Management3
POLT 31000Supreme Court in U.S. Politics3
or POLT 30300 Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties
LGST 40200Seminar in Legal Studies3
LGST 49800Internship: Legal Studies (ICC-CP)3
Applied Law Electives
Select 6 credits from the Legal Studies Major Applied Law Elective group.6
LGST 3xxxx to 4xxxx level courses
GBUS 3xxxx to 4xxxx level courses
Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Policy
Labor Relations in Sport
Government and Media
TVR 31300 to 31305: Topics in Media Law and Policy
Social, Political, Ethical, and Cultural Electives
Select 6 credits from the Legal Studies Major SPEC Elective group.6
SOCI 1xxxx to 4xxxx level courses
PHIL 1xxxx to 4xxxx level courses
POLT 1xxxx to 4xxxx level courses
Total Credits69