Academic Catalog

Legal Studies - B.A.

This B.A. degree requires 90 liberal arts credits out of the 120 credits required for graduation.


Major Requirements37-40
Integrative Core Curriculum Requirements and Electives 181-83
Total Credits120

Degree Requirements

LGST 10100Foundations in Law and Justice4
SOCI 20300Juvenile Delinquency4
or SOCI 21400 Definitions of Normality
TVR 31300Topics in Media Law and Policy2-4
or GBUS 20300 Business Law I
PHIL 26500Philosophical Problems in Law4
POLT 30300Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties3-4
or POLT 31000 Supreme Court in U.S. Politics
LGST 32300Legal Research Seminar: Investigating Law and Justice 'on the Ground'4
Select 4 credits from the following courses on diversity and law:4
Japanese Americans and Mass Incarceration
Policing the Borderlands: Power, Policy, and Justice
Race and Ethnicity
Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality
Legal Studies Electives
Select 12 additional credits in courses designed with attribute LSCO, including at least 4 credits at the 300-level or above 112
Total Credits37-40

1 Courses designated with a Legal Studies Electives attribute may have additional prerequisites that the student is responsible for meeting.