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Jazz Studies Concentration

Concentration Requirements

Concentration is available to music majors in the area of Jazz Studies. A concentration is a structured plan of elective courses within a student’s major discipline that comprises a minimum of five courses for at least 15 credits. Courses taken to fulfill the concentration may count toward music elective requirements.

Admission to a concentration requires written acceptance by the chair of the department that offers the concentration. Specific admission requirements for individual areas are noted below.

Concentration in Jazz Studies

Students must have sophomore standing and audition/interview with the Director of Jazz Studies before applying for this concentration.

Jazz Studies Concentration Requirements Core
JAZZ 20000Jazz Theory and Aural Training I1
JAZZ 20100Jazz Theory and Aural Training II1
JAZZ 19900Jazz Repertoire and Pedagogy 11
Select two credits from the following: 22
MUEN 11900/MUEN 11901/MUEN 11902
Jazz Ensemble/Jazz Repertory Ensemble/Jazz Lab Ensemble
Jazz Vocal Ensemble
Chamber Music 3
Select 10 credits from the following:10
Survey of Jazz History
Jazz Piano I
Jazz Piano II
Jazz Private Study I, minor instrument or concentration 4
Jazz Repertoire and Pedagogy
Jazz Standards and Literature I
Jazz Standards and Literature II
Jazz Arranging I
Jazz Arranging II
Improvisation Ensemble
Jazz Vocal Ensemble
Chamber Music
Total Credits15